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I love my job but.....

.....when I'm overwhelmed, I can't think straight. I'll feel like drowning and panicky. It's all written on my face. Clear and concise. You don't have to second guess.

And I got a problem. The more I try to suppress the overw
helming feeling of doing my best to complete never ending tasks with close to 0% error, the easier I'll snap at ANYONE around me.

P/S: Sorry boss! You know me well. Thanks for your forbearance. I'll consider taking EQ courses so that you won't suffer for too long. =D

I don't really need a long break, I
just came back from one.

I think I just need to CALM DOWN.

After all, it's just a project, right?

May be I'm scared. Unforeseen circumstances, last minute requests, ad-hoc requirements, etc are evil darts that tore my confidence. I ne
ed to manage expectations well.

I don't plan to cry. Useless. I rather save my energy to learn to manage people, matter, and things. That's

But then, somebody pray for us please..... =)


  1. It happens to the best of us. :)

    What you need is a Vacation (TM).


    Another one!