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I have launched a series of blog posts called Featured Mommypreneurs in collaboration with mommypreneurs (i.e. mommies entrepreneurs). Let me know if you're interested to join me to feature your products / services. :)



My Mini Behavioral Profile

I took this test: Mini Behavioral Profile.

Here's how it's taken: There are four groups of words. Read each list and choose the group of words that best describes the way that you behave.

Group 1: Bold, Driving, Pioneering, Direct, Competitive, Determined
Group 2: Optimistic, Inspiring, Persuasive, Convincing, Sociable, Trusting
Group 3: Precise, Perfectionist, Orderly, Diplomatic, Accurate, Meticulous
Group 4: Adaptable, Systematic, Logical, Patient, Relaxed,


Guess what? I chose the words in Group 3. Here's what it says:

Preferred Work Environment
* You enjoy focusing on data, facts, and figures. To you, accuracy is EXTREMELY important.

* You hold yourself and those who work with you to very
high standards. When those standards are met, all is good. When they are not, watch out.

* You have the ability to easily analyze lots of information and data prior to making a decision.

* Your office is probably very well organized and this gives you a sense of pride and accomplishment. Generating accurate and precise work comes easily to you.

Productivity Blockers
* People who make snap decisions without analyzing all the data get under your skin.

* Being the center of attention does not appeal to you. You'd much rather do your work behind the scenes, with as few distractions as possible.

* In your mind work is work, and not a place for fun and games. Loud emotional outbursts annoy you and throw you off track with your work.

* People who do sloppy work irritate you and you would prefer not to work with them.

Original link can be found here.


Click the links below to view results of other groups.

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In short, I'm the Conscientious type, i.e. task-oriented & reserved.

Click here to view Dominance, Influence, and Steadiness.

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