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Gospel Meeting: Life's Principle & Life's Purpose

Hymn: The wedding feast, the peak of man's enjoyment

Stanza #1:
The wedding feast, the peak of man's enjoyment
Was full of pleasure till the wine ran dry.
The human life, like wine, is soon exhausted,
Till Jesus comes, divine life to supply.

When Jesus comes, new wine is made from water,
When Jesus comes, the darkness turns to light.
He touches death—it's turned to life eternal,
Weakness to strength and blindness into sight.

Stanza #2:
And still today, this Jesus is so living,
Able to save from death in any form.
Now open up your heart and call upon Him;
To you He'll come, in spirit you'll be born.

Message: Life's Principle & Life's Purpose

1. Life's Principle -- To Change Death into Life:

a. Christ Coming in Resurrection to the People in Their Enjoyment (John 2:1-2)
b. Their Human Life Running Out and Their Being Filled with Death (John 2:3-7)
c. Christ Changing Their Death into Life Eternal (John 2:8-11)

2. Life's Purpose -- To Build the House of God:

a. Christ Cleansing the Temple (John 2:12-17)
b. The Body of Jesus, the Temple, Destroyed and Raised Up in Resurrection (John 2:18-22)

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