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Vincent & Christine's Wedding @ Petaling Jaya

Two months back, in July, I went to Penang to attend a wedding thanksgiving meeting of a couple, both are church members. This month, it's Vincent & Christine's wedding thanksgiving meeting. :)

Here's every Christian couple's consecration vow before the Lord for their household. Joshua 25:14: "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord."

Here's the list of the hymns, complete with ready-to-listen MP3 files. Right click the links below and listen to the songs in another tab/window.

Call on Your Name
Drink! A river pure and clear that's flowing from the throne

"Words of Wisdom for Husbands & Wives"


The oneness of the husband & wife is a type of Christ & the church.

Christ having the preeminence over all things is the glory between the husband & wife.

Praying & studying the word in one accord is a daily necessity.

The wife's submission & the husband's love is the basic rule for all daily walk.

Mutual honoring & care is the expression of love.

Respecting your spouse's kinfolk dutifully will bring blessing.

"Thank you" & "I'm sorry" are words that ought to be spoken frequently.

Lack of courtesy due to familiarity is the beginning of discord.

The first occurrence of discord is an opening for Satan's intrusion.

Speaking to others concerning the shortcomings of your spouse provides opportunities for Satan's malice.

Counting your spouse's shortcomings and dwelling on your own virtues are invitations to Satan's suggestions.

Never allow yourself to be your spouse's cross while remembering that your spouse is forever your cross is the secret to victory.