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Life Snippets in October

To readers who personally know me, here's a little sneak peek of my Life Snippets in October.

There are no coincidences in life. No doubt about this. I've faith in God's way and timing in terms of paving our paths of yesterday, today, tomorrow, and even the future. And I believe, how we respond to Him determines the quality of life that we're gonna go through.

God gives us the freedom to either receive or reject what He has prepared beforehand for us. I'm learning to receive although sometimes I still reject certain things that don't go along with what I want. Oops.

Here's my life snippets thus far.

1. Career:

* Working life is rewarding with added responsibilities, new learning curves, and occasional hiccups (albeit major hiccup). I'm happy.
* I foresee challenges but this is the element that keeps me going! Bring it on! Competency is always versus complacency.

P.S.: Boss, if you're reading this, THANK YOU SO MUCH for giving your employees the CHANCE and FREEDOM to excel and grow in the company in areas that ignite our passion and desire to upgrade ourselves for ourselves and for the company. *salute*

2. Social Media, Networking, Friendship:

* This is definitely my new-found passion, whether in my daily life or working life.
* Social media plays a major role in giving me the strength and momentum to keep rolling on.
* I'm inspired to claim
as my online identity / trademark.
* New friends are found and a wider, upgraded network is formed via Twitter. I won't regret this.
* I've a poken. Do You Poken?

3. Faith:

* Found a place with serious study of the Word and at the same time, great bonding among cell members. Love them.
Lord, this I ask: Time to revive from dormancy. Time to get back into the Word. Time to bond with lovers of Christ and resume growth.
* Gotta find where I put my physical Bible although I've the electronic version. :)

4. Attitude:

* 不想對每件事都那麼嚴格;弄得全世界好像只剩挫折;愛一朵花不猜它能開多久;放寬的心情把什麼都變美了。(Means: Don't wanna treat every matter too strictly as if there are only frustrations in the whole world. There's no need to guess how long will a flower bloom; everything's beautiful if mood is relaxed.) This is a Mandarin song.


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