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Windows 7 Malaysia Movement :: Get Engaged via Contests

Are you counting down to the official launch of Windows 7? No doubt, I am! However, in the midst of counting down to that day, I find it very interesting to get engaged in and move among the crowd of Windows 7 fans / lovers as the tidal wave of Windows 7 Malaysia movement keeps us buoyant and excited with numerous FUN contests that come with BIG prizes!

The interesting thing is this. The contests are conducted via these three main channels: Windows 7 Malaysia Website, Windows 7 Malaysia Facebook Fan Page, and Windows 7 Malaysia Twitter Page. I'm online almost 24/7 and a hyperactive Twitter and Facebook user. Participating in any of the current running contests is fun, easy, and hassle-free!

Another point of observation is this. These online contests have become a ground of get-togetherness. Why would I say so? The participants, either via Facebook or Twitter, who have been strangers before, are brought together into numerous online or even offline discussions, info sharing, and network building. Such is a good way to reach out and to garner trust and mutuality amidst the online society pertaining to the brand itself, i.e. Windows 7 Malaysia.

Let's make a quick recap.

Windows 7 Contest Madness!

Ultimate Re-Tweet Contest

Round One for Ultimate Re-Tweet Contest has ended and the winner has been revealed.
Round 1 Winner: @ckkoay (I want Windows 7 because uʍop ǝpısdn uoıʇıʇǝdɯoɔ ǝɥʇ 11ɐ sdı1ɟ ʇı ʇɐɥʇ ʇsɐɟ ʎ1buıpuıq11ǝds os sı ʇı)

Round Two is ON!


Facebook Share and Win

Watch our 7 Everyday People videos and share it on Facebook by posting them on Win Seven Facebook wall to win an Asus Notebook or a HTC Snap phone!

Details here (Click Facebook Share and Win tab).


The Windows® 7 Web Hunt

Collect weekly clues and stand a chance to walk away with BIG prizes!

Follow @win7malaysia for bonus tips on clues!

Details here (Click The Windows® 7 Web Hunt tab
Get the clues now!


The "7 & Me Photography Contest

Get creative and upload a photo of yourself with the number 7. Photo with the most "Likes" wins an Asus Notebook!

Details here (Click The "7 & Me" Photography Contest tab).
Upload your photos now and win!


What Would I Give for a Windows 7 Notebook

Share what you would give up in exchange for a Windows 7 Notebook and you could win one for yourself! Share now and win!


Time and tide waits for no man. Don't miss! Join in the revolution and fun today!

P.S.: Images in this post are snipped from Windows 7 Malaysia's website with Windows 7's nifty Snipping Tool. Love it!


  1. Yes, Snipping Tool is cool. Can use it if lazy to do printscreens. Haha.