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I ♥ DiGi 3G!

Breaking News! I can make Video Calls with my DiGi number because I've 3G!!!!! w00t!

@DiGi_Telco really lives up to its motto - "I Will Follow You". Kudos to the team who did a great job of following up to make my 3G dream comes true!

I DiGi 3G!

Quoting them: "At DiGi, your needs are at the centre of everything we do."

Check out my experience with DiGi's friendly, down-to-earth, useful, and super-fast customer service via Twitter. Compared to DiGi's previous tweeting style, I'd say this current team is way better and is really, really human as they make an effort to stay connected with customers. I'm indeed impressed.

  1. @DiGi
    DiGi_Telco @joycescapade It's my pleasure. Quick! Go make ur 1st maiden video call! Make history! Have a splendid day ;-)
  2. Joyce Rachel Lee
    joycescapade This may sound lame but why all my attempts to make video calls to @DiGi_Telco numbers are "disconnected"? Hmmm...
  3. @DiGi
    DiGi_Telco @joycescapade YAY we did it! Time 2 tell all ur frens to buy a 3G phone ;-)
  4. Joyce Rachel Lee
    joycescapade Oh yes, I will! 10x for following up!! Kudos! RT @DiGi_Telco: @joycescapade YAY we did it! Time 2 tell all ur frens to buy a 3G phone ;-)
  5. Windy
    wind_goddess * Looking @joycescapade happily playing the video call....* I want a 3G phone!!!!!
  6. @DiGi
    DiGi_Telco @wind_goddess Broadband Anonymous (like Alcoholic Anonymous). Rehab 4 ur broadband addiction :-) Kidding! @joycescapade got 3G already! U?
  7. @DiGi
    DiGi_Telco I know u r being whiney :P & I LOVE ur loyalty. btw y r u asking @joycescapade 2 bug us? :D Remember 2 video call her. She's cute & sweet :)
-- this quote was brought to you by quoteurl

Here are screen caps to prove that I've gotten 3G on my Nokia E71!!!

For more info, log on to DiGi Internet - Internet Done Right // Broadband : 3G : WiFi and get your facts right about DiGi's Internet services!