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Movie: Phobia 2 (2009)

Have you watched Phobia 1 or 4bia? It's among one of the finest horror movies from Thai filmmakers. 4bia or See Praeng is a 4-part movie directed by 4 different directors, thus the name 4bia and the plots are not related to one another. That was in 2008.

In 2009, kudos to Thai filmmakers once again for making Phobia 2 (Haa Praeng), touted as one of the highest grossing Thai horror movies in 2009 following 4bia's success.

Now, instead of 4 mini movies, Phobia 2 has FIVE excellently-shot horror plots of different genres of fear!
Phobia 2 still makes for a thrilling, scary, and comedic horror film outing, with enough bandwidth for a franchised, crowd-pleasing series. (Quoting A Nutshell Review - Phobia 2)

Okay, let's see what are the stories about.


Pey, a 14-year old teenager was sent to a monastery for committing a nasty crime. Watch how he was punished for what he has done. Those who believe in karma will most likely enjoy this "show".

It's kinda gross to watch how karma shows its fangs when it comes to punishment and judgment.


This is indeed a one-man show from the lead character, Arthit, a cheeky teenager who broke his legs and has to be hospitalized for one night.

What happened next was something that he'dregret for the rest of his life. Watch how he was "punished" for sharing a room with a patient.

The plot's pretty straightforward and it's ending is predictable but you'll enjoy watching it.


I pity the young Japanese couple whose hitchhiking trip cost their life as they were embroiled unknowingly in drug trafficking and zombies! ZOMG!

This is one of the 5 parts that I don't like the most because I don't really like zombies, mummies, mutants or stuff like that.

You'll know what I mean if you've seen its trailer. It's kinda predictable as well, you know, the ending.


This is one of my favorites! Simple yet intense!

Nuch, a car dealer made her living by rebuilding severely damaged cars and reselling them as brand new cars to unsuspecting customers.

One fateful night, she learned a terrible lesson for earning her living through such dirty business.

Seriously, this is a very good one although it's plot is kinda exaggerated.

In The End

Good thing that Phobia 2 ends with this super hilarious plot!

Quoting movieXclusive, after getting spooked for 4 segments, "In the End" was a comedic effort that made us laugh as hard as it was spooky.

"In the End" was a comedy riot when this segment self-depreciates the director's movies such as Shutter and Alone. It even went on to poke fun of overacting in horror films and how bad decisions were made on set while filming. Who's dead and who's not? It all ended in a big barrel of laughs and unexpected twist that's worth re-watching.

Without a doubt, "In the End" sets a precedence and standard for good 'homedy' (horror comedy).

Read full review & trailer by movieXclusive.

In short, go watch this movie. I promise you won't be having nightmares. :)


  1. Thanks for linking to us! We’re honoured! Read the first bit of this review and would like to see it so studiously avoided reading the rest in case of spoilers...

  2. Hi katztales,


    Just go ahead & watch movie. ;)