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Movie: Bodyguards and Assassins (十月圍城) (2009)

Bodyguards and Assassins (十月圍城) is a Chinese fictional historical action movie centered on the efforts of a group of people to protect Dr. Sun Yat-sen, the Father of Modern China from an assassination attempt while visiting Hong Kong at the dawn of the Chinese Revolution in the year 1905.

Check out this English tagline:
"5 hours, 13 blocks, to save a nation's future, they must protect one man from its past."

The main attraction of the movie is the impressive assemble of high profile actors and actresses from mainland China & Hong Kong. This is truly a blockbuster movie. Every character is equally important because each one of them plays their role either in the main plot (the attempt to protect Dr. Sun Yat-sen) or the sub-plots (love relationships, i.e. male & female, father & son).

* Wang Xueqi as Li Yu-tang, the Tycoon
* Tony Leung Ka-Fai as Chen Shao-bai, the Revolutionary
* Fan Bingbing as the Concubine
* Cung Le as the Henchman
* Nicholas Tse as A-Si, the Rickshaw Man
* Donnie Yen as Shen, the Gambler
* Leon Lai as Liu Yu-bai, the Beggar
* Hu Jun as Yan Xiao-guo, the Assassin
* Li Yuchun as Fang Hong, the Diva with her father's opera team
* Eric Tsang as the Policeman
* Wang Po-Chieh as Li Chong-guang, the Heir
* Zhou Yun as the Fiancee (A-Si's)
* Mengke Bateer as Wang Fu-ming or Chou Tofu, the Hawker
* Simon Yam as General Fang, the Fugitive
* Jackie Cheung & Michelle Reis as cameos

This is a very heart-wrenching movie that stirs up different kinds of feelings, especially patriotism and the love for one's nation.

Does it worth to sacrifice so many men just to protect one man? Will you be willing to sacrifice your loved ones for the sake of the nation's future? Are you ready to sacrifice and die for your nation? Do you put your self-interest above the nation's future's interest?

I don't know how to answer these questions. I really don't know.

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