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Bobalicious Smoothies @ Tropicana City Mall

Bobalicious Smoothies is the leading smoothie drink enterprise in the world. We use the best ingredients and provide top customer service to ensure Bobalicious Smoothies to be a trustworthy brand.

This outlet at Tropicana City Mall is owned by an ex-colleague. It's located on the first floor.

Landmarks: Nearby City Chain & HOJB, same floor as Borders, Kimchi Korean Restaurant, and Otak-Otak Place.

Creamy Tuna Pasta
This is the highlight of the night. Portion served is considered good per serving, you won't be able to over-indulge and you'll feel 3/4 full. Good for health.
Simple presentation yet pleasing to the eyes. Thumbs up!

Aglio Olio

 Same comment as above. Love the way its served with button mushrooms and olive slices and a dash of herbs. Simple yet it looks promisingly delicious. A generous amount of olive oil is used.

Caesar Salad
Good source of fiber must accompany the pastas. A good choice in fact.

Green Tea Latte
Love this drink! It shall become my default drink whenever I visit this outlet. :)

Wait... I didn't take photos of their renowned Smoothies. Here are some examples:
Chocolate Bobalicious
Chocolate Banana Bobalicious
Green Tea Vanilla Bobalicious
Mango Orange Bobalicious
Mixed Berry Bobalicious
Oreo Banana Bobalicious
Passion Mango Bobalicious
Strawberry Banana Bobalicious
Soursop Vanilla Bobalicious
Lemonade Vanilla Bobalicious
Cappuccino Hazelnut Bobalicious
Peach Lemon Bobalicious

Pay it a quick visit for your fix of delicious smoothies. Have a chat with its friendly owner too, if he's not too busy. :)


  1. Wow, it's only been a while I have not visited Tropicana City Mall, and it seems more F&B places have opened.
    Will give the Ninja pork burger a try :)

  2. Hi Marvin, yeah, shd give Ninja Joe a try! I sokong! :D

  3. Finally Bobalicious in open. Joyce, you should really have some photos of their smoothies :D Must give them a visit soon. So, should I try their smoothies or the green tea latte?

    KF Chan
    (I don't just drink coffee)

  4. Hi KF Chan,

    Yeah, I agree with you, should have some photos of their smoothies too. I shall do that on my next visit. :D

    Give their smoothies a try! Especially those with banana base.


  5. how much are the pastas?

  6. Hi Anonymous, if I don't recall wrongly, it should be above RM7 and not more than RM15. But I'd prefer if the portion is bigger.