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Terengganu's Local Delicacies

Laksam (Laksang) Terengganu
A good dish of laksam (laksang) is served with coconut gravy, ulam-ulam or raw vegetables (bean sprouts, shredded cucumber, sliced kesum leaves, sliced basil leaves, long beans, sliced torched ginger), ground fresh chillies, belacan, and lime juice.

Mix and eat!

Lontong is a dish of mixed vegetables (long beans, carrots, cabbage), vermicelli, and dried beancurd sheets (fuchuk) in coconut gravy and served with nasi himpit and ikan bilis sambal.

Mix and eat!

Nasi Dagang (Warung style)
This is my favorite breakfast when I'm visiting Terengganu.

When the banana leaves are opened up, you'll see rice (cooked with coconut milk and spices) served with a chunk of fish (usually ikan tenggiri).

It's best eaten with curry. :)

Sata is usually sold 2-3 or more per bamboo stick.

Sata is made from fish, chillies, and coconut paste.

Soto is a beehoon soupy dish served with fried potato balls, chicken slices, beancurd slices, chopped coriander, and fried onions.

Sup Tulang
You'll enjoy a good bowl of rich, steaming, spicy, herbal Sup Tulang, especially when it comes to the part of gnawing bony chunks of beef. :)


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  1. Ok! Now i see the comment box!
    I hope I get to eat all these delicacies comin Apr!
    Cos Apr I will be exploring East Coast (last Jan was a lot on East Msia! )

    Yay! Only tme i get to eat east coast food ws durin ramandhan!
    Hv u tried Wau Penyu? in solaris dutamas?

  2. Becky, I haven't been to Wau Penyu and Solaris Dutamas. When I go back KL, then perhaps I can visit Wau Penyu. Hehe. Thanks for the tips. :)