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8 things from our KT-KB trip

Last long weekend, hubby and I went for our third road trip for this quarter of the year. This time, with my in-laws. :)

You can read about our previous road trips and upcoming posts about our Kuala Terengganu (KT) - Kota Bharu (KB) trip here.

This blog post serves as a teaser to upcoming posts with more interesting stuff to read! :)

#1 - Mulberries

They look like mini red caterpillars! There are so many of them and the mulberry trees look so festively gorgeous!

#2 - Marvelous HoneyNut Thorrio's print T-shirt

I really want to buy this T-shirt but the stall doesn't sell size S or XS.

#3 - Homemade bread pudding recipe

Next item to buy for my kitchen is an electric oven so that I can make a bread pudding!

#4 - Those who plant kindness gather love

Such a timely reminder. Let's practice kindness everywhere we go.

#5 - Napping cat

When a cat naps, that don't-worry-be-happy look on their oh-so-contented face is so encouraging!

#6 - Mini rebana keychains

The yellow one is definitely mine! Bwahahaha!

#7 - Mini wild fungi

I admire their persistence to grow and survive as long as they can despite their really short lifespan.

#8 - Colorful potpourri in a wooden box

Lovely colors in a quaint wooden box. This is so calming.

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