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Arabian Fast Food: Big & Tasty @ Zest Point, Bandar Kinrara 9

Let the photos and captions speak for themselves. :)

Good, affordable Arabic fast food!

Big & Tasty Arabic Restaurant

Address: No. ZP-G-27, Zest Point, Bandar Kinrara 9. You can use this address here.

Choices of chicken sandwiches and their prices as listed above.

Choices of meat/beef sandwiches and their prices as listed above.

This is Nasi Arab Ayam - my hubby's favorite meal, mine too. It's basically fragrant long-grained rice served with grilled chicken thigh and secret tangy sauce. Sometimes, you get some greens on your plate; sometimes, you get grilled potatoes.

Look at that yummylicious grilled chicken thigh! Tender, succulent, and flavorful!

This is Chicken Fajita Sandwich, made into a meal (by adding an extra RM3), i.e. you will get more mayonnaise dip and french fries on the side. The chicken chunks are well marinated and the sweet corns give a nice crunchiness to the whole sandwich.

This is our customized (not on the menu) Nasi Arab with beef and corns from Rosto Tasty Sandwich.

This is another customized Nasi Arab with grilled beef slices from Grilled Staak (I'm not sure if this is a spelling error or is it really called staak instead of steak) Sandwich.

This is Chicken Shawerma Sandwich made from chicken slices grilled with traditional Turkish spices,  Grenadine Molasses, and tomatoes.

This is Shish Tawook Sandwich made from grilled chicken pieces with special Arabic herbs.

New menu includes Nasi Lemak Ayam Berempah, Nasi Kukus Ayam, and Nasi Arab Kambing (my new favorite!).

This is Nasi Lemak Ayam Berempah. They serve rice cooked in coconut milk, not white rice. I'd say this is one of the best nasi lemak I've eaten, I dare say it can fight with the famous Village Park Nasi Lemak.

This is another superb rice dish their latest addition - Nasi Arab Kambing. Moist and tender lamb chunks, so good they melt in your mouth. The soup is tasty too. Next round I might ask for a bowl. :)

All dishes are halal. Do come and enjoy your lunch and dinner!

Note: This is NOT a sponsored post.


  1. Memang sedap nasi arab kat zest point ni.Murah pulak tu...ermmmm..yum2

  2. Order yesterday kata nak deliver 7.30pm pukul 8.17 tak spai 2.