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Simple commands that 10.5-month baby Luke understands

This is baby Luke. He turns 10.5 months old today! Yay!!!

Here are some simple commands that he can understand pretty well (sequence in alphabetical order):

  • Clap hands (he responds the moment he hears the "clap your hands" song or the word "clap")
  • Crawl
  • Dance
  • Give
  • Give me 5 (he will tap his little hand at your palm)
  • Jump (he will move his legs vigorously)
  • Kick
  • Knock (he will knock 2 blocks together)
  • Luke (he responds to his own name)
  • Makan (he also responds to umm-mum-mum)
  • Open door (he will touch the door sensor with access card) 
  • Roll / Rolling
  • Rub head (he will rub his forehead against yours)
  • Say mama
  • Say papa
  • Shake
  • Splash
  • Stand (he can stand by propping himself at us or the sofa)
  • Take
  • Touch
  • Wave bye-bye (or just bye-bye)
  • Wipe mouth

The list will just get longer and longer! :D