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Muscovado Sugar Pound Cake baked in bread maker

My hubby bought back a bread maker last month. It has 11 functions! :D

They are:

1. Basic (for baking normal bread)
2. Quick (for baking smaller bread with a dense texture)
3. French (for baking bread with crisper crust and light texture)
4. Whole Wheat (for baking bread made from wholemeal wheat flour)
5. Rapid (for baking bread in lesser steps)
6. Sweet (for baking crisp and sweet bread)
7. Sandwich (for making sandwich slice with thin crust and loose texture)
8. Dough (non-baking function, for making bread rolls, pizza, steamed bread)
9. Jam (for boiling jams and marmalades)
10. Bake (only baking)
11. Gluten Free (for baking bread made from rice flour)

I read somewhere on the Internet that you can make a pound cake in the bread maker. So I did a quick search and found this recipe.

Here's my version.

Muscovado Sugar Pound Cake

(Makes a 2lb cake)

1/3 cup milk
3 large eggs, beaten
1 teaspoon vanilla extract 
1/2 cup butter, melted
1 cup muscovado sugar
2 cups all-purpose flour
3 teaspoons baking powder

How to:

1. By following the bread maker's manual, I have listed the ingredients' sequence correctly - in terms of which ingredient goes into the bread maker first - in the list above.

2. Select the "cake" setting for bread makers that feature the "cake" function. For my bread maker, I select the "quick" feature. Next time I might mix the cake batter in a mixer bowl, pour into the bread maker, and choose the "bake" feature, of which I can set time duration.

3. I also select the medium crust setting. Next time I will try the light setting.

Freshly baked!

Sliced and ready to serve with a cuppa latte. :)

Bon apetit!

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