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My 11-month baby's latest food galore

Baby Luke is 11 months and 2 weeks now. Time flies! My milkaholic is now my favorite foodie buddy, my little food connoisseur. :)

His growing appetite

  • 6 months: One solids (fruits and/or vegetables puree) + milk
  • 7-8 months: Two solids (millet + vegetables + pork porridge) + milk
  • 9 months: Two solids (millet + brown rice + red lentil + vegetables + pork porridge), one snack (fruits) + milk
  • 10 months: Two solids (millet + brown rice + red lentil + vegetables + pork/fish porridge or pasta), two snacks (fruits + bread/rice crackers) + milk
  • 11 months: Three solids (breakfast, lunch, dinner), two snacks (fruits + bread/rice crackers) + milk

Here's how I prepared my baby's colorful porridges that he ate when he was younger.

Note: I plan his meals by observing his appetite. If he's full, I won't force him to take another meal/snack. Between 6-9 months, I observe the 3-day rule when I introduce any new food to him. After that, I reduce the number of days to 2 for each new food. I'm not doing baby-led weaning fully, but I do give him pieces of food for him to hold as and when I see fit.

His food galore

Baby pancakes are perfect food for brekkie. I'm also giving him some yogurt (I use Farm Fresh Natural Yogurt) mixed with fruits. He loves soft fruits such as sugar plum, golden kiwi, and banana.

I seldom feed white rice porridge to my baby. I prefer feeding him millet + red lentil + brown rice. I soak the grains overnight and steam-cook them in my electric lunch box the next morning for 35-40 minutes with meat/fish and some vegetables. Then, I add a teaspoon of virgin coconut oil before serving.

English spinach or po choy is good for babies. In comparison to red meat, spinach provides a lot less calories, is fat and cholesterol free, and an excellent source of iron. [Source]

Baby amaranth is also very good for babies. A teaspoon of cream cheese gives this meal some added boost of calcium! My baby loves that milky taste of cream cheese in his porridge.

Note: My baby doesn't have allergic reaction towards dairy products since his newborn days. However, to be on the safe side, I only introduce baby yogurt and cream cheese to him when he's over 10 months old. I don't feed him processed cheese slices because the amount of sodium is too high.

The little fella approves! :)

This is the classic ABC porridge with carrot, potato, and onion. I add some sweet corn for natural sweetness. Yellow zucchini is a nice addition too. Sometimes I use free-range pork instead of fish. I add a teaspoon of virgin coconut oil before serving.

Pumpkin and green zucchini gives this slow-cooked fish porridge a nice nutty flavor. I add a teaspoon of virgin coconut oil before serving.

Beetroot has a kind of earthy taste that is not so pleasantly palatable. So, I add some apples and sweet corn for some natural sweetness to balance off the earthiness of beetroot.

Mashed potatoes with cream cheese is another one of his favorite meals. I chop one Russet potato into chunks and steam-cook them. Once cooked, I mash them up and mix with a teaspoon of cream cheese. If the mixture is too dry, I add some liquid from the steam potatoes. :)

Sometimes I'll add some steamed broccoli florets.

Another potato meal - German potato bread.

Other wonderful meals include baby pasta with cream cheese & potato sauce, mini macaroni with pumpkin sauce, banana muffin loaf, homemade bread, eggless chocolate banana muffins, and baked broccoli, cauliflower & rice egg cups.

Note: I introduce egg products to him when he reaches 11 months. But, I haven't introduced egg yolk or whole egg yet. I will do so when he's over 1 year old.

More baby meals on my baby's food diary!


  1. Hi Joyce,
    You are a caring and wonderful mommy!

    1. Thanks Joyce! I'm doing my best. :D Much more to learn from fellow mommies. :)

  2. Hi Joyce,

    I see that you have feeding your little one very well... No wonder, he is reaching to grab all these yummy food from you :D


    1. He's being a great little foodie at the moment. Hopefully if food strike ever happens, it won't be too prolonged. :D