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DIY Busy Bag Ideas

DIY Busy Bag Ideas
DIY Busy Bag Ideas


I have launched a series of blog posts called Featured Mommypreneurs in collaboration with mommypreneurs (i.e. mommies entrepreneurs). Let me know if you're interested to join me to feature your products / services. :)

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Introvert, Extrovert or Ambivert?

I scored 39 points. So, I'm an Introvert with some Ambivert functions.


While not necessarily shy, you prefer to spend a lot of your time alone to recharge your limited energy. Quite simply: people drain you, and you prefer your own inner world of thoughts and passions to the external world of people and events. As such, you tend to have few close friendships, and are very selective when it comes to relationships. You prefer to think before you act, and people describe you as being thoughtful, cautious, quiet, and introspective.

To summarize, these are some of your defining characteristics:
  • Private
  • Enjoys solitude
  • Energized alone
  • Has a rich internal world
  • Thinks before speaking and acting
  • Prefers a few intimate friends
  • Doesn't enjoy loud, sociable situations
  • Independent


As a fairly equanimous person, you display both introverted and extroverted characteristics. While on some days you like being surrounded by many people, on others you prefer to relax on your own and take some time out. As such, you can easily relate to both extremes on the personality spectrum, and have an easier time delving in and out of the internal and external worlds. This may lead to feelings of confusion as many times you feel like a "walking contradiction", feeling one thing one moment, and another thing the next. Your friendship circle tends to consist of 3, 4, or 5 people.

To summarize, these are some of your defining characteristics:
  • Equanimous
  • Enjoys socializing, but also being alone at times
  • Behavioral decisions usually rely on "how one feels", or the context of the situation
  • Usually has a small group of friends
  • Flexible
  • Changeable
  • Ability to appreciate both inner and outer worlds
  • Easygoing