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Countdown to MadWorld

This is a follow-up post for MadWorld Blogger Preview. For more information about MadWorld, log on to MadWorld's official website and get glimpses of promotional videos, venues, showtimes, and even the crew behind this mega year-end production.

What's MadWorld?

This December (2010), two churches: SIBKL in collaboration with DUMC proudly presents to you MadWorld -- an edgy dance choreography show accompanied by "live" soul searching songs, augmented by visual media. An audio-visual explosion of movement that seeks to ask the question -- "What indeed is the worth of our souls".


Follow their latest updates via their blog section. I really like this post, which they put up after the special blogger preview session. Watch their latest video too.

Venues & Showtimes

MadWorld will be showing at two separate venues on separate dates.

DUMC Dream Centre, Section 13, PJ
3 December 2010, Friday -- 8.00pm
5 December 2010, Sunday -- 3.30pm
5 December 2010, Sunday -- 8.00pm (Yes, 2 shows on Sunday!)
Ticketing: No tickets, just show up.

SIBKL Auditorium, Bangunan Yin (next to Phileo Damansara I)
24 December 2010, Friday -- 8.00pm
25 December 2010, Saturday -- 7.30pm
26 December 2010, Sunday -- 10.00am
26 December 2010, Sunday -- 7.30pm (Yes, 2 shows on Sunday!)
Ticketing*: Contact your SIB friends or call +603-7957 2701.
* I heard that there are no more tickets!!!


I'm going to the 5 December, 3:30pm show at DUMC. See you there!

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