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Happy 25th Anniversary, Proton!

Happy 25th Anniversary!

My late dad's first car was the first edition Proton Saga. The car is still around, although my dad has passed on...

Okay, back to the case in hand. David and I went to Proton's Center of Excellence to check out the newly launched Proton Inspira.

I didn't realize that Proton's journey in Malaysia has reached its 25th year. Wow! Love the tagline on the board: Pride . Passion . Progress

The general public, especially those who aren't keeping themselves in the know about the motoring world, may have biased or even blind accusations about Proton cars and such stuff. Their blind statements are usually and poorly based on these spineless statements: "People say so...", "I heard most people experience that...", "I think some of my friends have that problem...", so on and so forth.

Perhaps Proton should put in more effort to educate the general public about their car quality, performance, enhancement, etc. The latest buzz about Proton Inspira being a Mitsubishi Lancer copycat is also disheartening. Can't people just read up more on motoring stuff before their laser mouth start to speak profanity? Sigh. Be fair in making judgments. Is that so hard?

Anyway, here's an article worth reading from The Star Motoring: Inspira vastly improved.

By the way, I love the Gallery of Models from 1985 till 2010.
  • 1985 - Saga
  • 1992 - Iswara
  • 1993 - Wira
  • 1994 - Satria
  • 1995 - Perdana
  • 1996 - Tiara, Putra
  • 1998 - Satria GTi
  • 2000 - Waja/Impian (UK)
  • 2001 - Juara
  • 2002 - Arena
  • 2004 - Gen 2
  • 2005 - Savvy
  • 2006 - Satria Neo
  • 2007 - Persona
  • 2008 - Saga
  • 2009 - Exora
  • 2010 - Inspira
  • Concept Car - EMAS
  • Limited Edition - Satria R3
I'm proud of being a lover of Proton! I don't care what you think. To each man its own opinion.

Oh, I've one confession to make. A Blueberry Tea Proton Saga is on my wishlist. :)

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