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Save Social Energy (4) -- Microsoft Windows Live Survey Results (Malaysia)

Results of the Windows Live Survey, carried out by Microsoft to gather insights into the email and social media habits of people across the Asia Pacific are unveiled! Excited to discover the results? The survey was conducted as Microsoft rolls out its new Hotmail, Messenger and Essentials, designed to assist the public to 'save social energy'.

Based on this online survey and in line with Microsoft's saving social energy effort, I've written a post about the meaning of saving social energy and how we can conduct a self analysis to find out whether our social life is full of clutter and chaos or whether we're making the best out of your social life.
Here's the post.

"Technology is supposed to enrich our lives, not weigh us down. With this survey, we wanted to understand three things: how people are handling information in the digital world, why they might be feeling overwhelmed and how can we simplify their world. In essence, we want to show people how they can boost their social energy, by efficiently organizing their multiple social networks," said Ananth Lazarus, Managing Director of Microsoft Malaysia.

To officiate the 'Save Social Energy' campaign, Microsoft has proceeded with the launch of Hotmail, Messenger & Essentials, the suite designed to assist us in boosting (while saving) our social energy.

The event, held at Yogitree at The Gardens, focuses on Microsoft's aims to help us cut through the social media clutter and overload with the new Hotmail, Messenger, and Windows Live Essentials, to get to what we need easier, faster, and in a more fun manner. The new features of Hotmail, Messenger and Windows Live Essentials, i.e. Windows Live Photo Gallery and Windows Live Movie Maker that enhance our efficiency on social networks are demonstrated clearly.


Windows Live Survey Results (Malaysia, October 2010)

In Malaysia, we drew 324 respondents, with females comprising 55% of the sample pool.

Email Management Practices
  • Over 50% of respondents admitted to maintaining 3 or more personal email accounts.
  • Keeping in touch with family and friends was the most popular function of personal email accounts. Sending files and documents came in a close second, while serving as a destination to receive news alerts pulled in at third place.
  • Nearly half of respondents revealed having upwards of 20 unread emails in their personal accounts' inboxes.
  • Almost 50% of respondents do not practice the habit of filing away the emails in their personal accounts.
  • 96% of respondents claimed to receive at least some form of unwanted mail each day, with nearly a quarter of respondents receiving more than 15 spam and/or junk mails daily.
Social Networking Habits
  • 45% of respondents are active on 3 or more social networks.
  • 59% of respondents open 3 or more windows on their computer screen for instant messaging and/or social networking purposes.
  • Over 70% of respondents estimated that only a quarter or less of their "friends" across social networks could actually be considered close friends.
  • Two-thirds of respondents do not regularly "scrub" their "friends lists" on social networks.
  • Over 90% of respondents classified half or less of the updates that they receive on social networks as important and/or relevant.
  • 71% of respondents spend more than an hour on social networks each day.
  • Almost half of respondents revealed feeling weighed down by the flood of information via emails and social networks.

So, how?

"Managing multiple social networks means using unnecessary social energy; aggregating information into one place definitely seems like the way forward. This is one key benefit that Windows Live Messenger offers through integration with popular sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and MySpace," said Gavin Tan, co-founder of the Save Social Energy movement.


Click here to view the compilation of my Save Social Energy posts or visit or for more information about saving social energy.

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