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Decoding baby's poop

Baby Poop Quiz

1. Within 24-48 hours of being born, babies will take their first poop. Made up of ingested amniotic fluid, hair and skin cells, and intestinal secretions, what is this first poop called?

- Zirconium 
- Meconium (Correct!) 
- Albumin
- Lanugo

2. If an infant's poop looks like a combination of mustard and runny cottage cheese, and has a mildly sweet odor, what does it mean?

- Indigestion
- Too much water
- Breastfed (Correct!) 
- Virus

Note: Here's a visual guide for breastfed babies' poop.

3. What has your baby been eating if his poop has a strong, sharp odor and is the color and consistency of peanut butter?

- Formula (Correct!) 
- Cow's milk
- Peanut butter
- Bananas

4. The consistency, color, and smell of a breastfed baby's poop can change based on what mom has been eating.

- True (Correct!)
- False

5. Sometime between six and 10 months your infant's poop will become firmer, smellier, and darker brown. Why?

- The intestines have become longer
- Stomach enzymes have matured
- Seasonal changes
- Solids have been introduced (Correct!)

6. An exclusively breastfed four-month-old hasn't pooped in a week - totally normal, or is baby constipated? 

- Totally normal (Correct!)
- Baby is constipated

Note: Some breastfed babies poop once every few days or even once a week. This is not a problem (not constipation) as long as your baby's poos are soft and pass easily.

However, your baby's poop routine may change:

- when you introduce solids
- if he is feeling unwell
- when he starts to take fewer feeds

7. Baby's poop is hard and looks like pellets. What could cause this? 

- Constipation
- Too little dietary fiber
- Dehydration
- All of the above (Correct!)

Note: How to know it's constipation?

- Your baby seems to have real difficulty in moving his bowels.
- Your baby's poos are small and dry, like rabbit droppings; or they may be large and hard.
- Your baby seems irritable, straining and crying when he does a poo.
- Your baby's tummy feels tight to the touch.
- Your baby's poos have streaks of blood in them. This can be caused by tiny cracks in the skin, called anal fissures, caused by passing hard poos.

8. Around what age do babies typically develop awareness and control of their bowel movements?

- 9 months
- 18 months (Correct!)
- 24 months
- 36 months

9. Why would a baby have frequent, watery stools?

- Too much water
- Viral or bacterial infection (Correct!)
- Overtired
- Behavioral issue

10. Bloody poop in baby's diaper can be normal, so only call the pediatrician if it happens all the time.

- True
- False - Always call the doctor if you notice blood in baby's poop (Correct!)

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