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Mama & baby quizzes

Mama quizzes 

1. What's Your Mom Personality? 

Result: You're an Attachment Mama.

You're up on the latest recommendations from Dr. Sears, and enjoy snuggling with your baby in the family bed. You're a firm believer in baby wearing, and quickly react to your baby's cues so he always feel secure.

2. Which TV Mom Are You? 

Result: You're a modern yet sensible mom. You keep up with trends you feel like following, and ignore the rest (platform shoes? don't think so!).

Often, you're the most rational head in the family - including your partner! And when all hell breaks loose, you know exactly how to cut through the nonsense. Still, you're not a killjoy - you encourage your kids to have fun. But they definitely know who's boss.

The Bottom Line: Your parenting style is based on open communication, discipline, and reasoning.

3. What's Your Mothering Style 

Result: Your type is: ISFJ - The "Tender Loving Care" Mother.

"I want my children to feel they have an ally, someone who knows them completely. I want to be a haven for them."

Gentle and kind, the ISFJ mother provides her children with generous amounts of tenderness, affection, and the comfort of daily routine. Her aim is to "be there" for her children, physically and emotionally. She is sensitive to their feelings, offering closeness, understanding, and quiet support.

Loyal and devoted, the ISFJ mother has a strong sense of duty and consistently puts her children's needs first. She delights in taking care of the little things that matter to a child, making each one feel loved and special.

To provide her family with security and warmth, the ISFJ mother tends to the practical and domestic, aiming for a smooth-running household and an attractive home. She also observes and conveys the value and importance of family traditions.

Baby quizzes

1. Baby's Personality Quiz 

Results: He will be very intelligent. Although he is very bright, his shy nature may keep him from reaching his full potential. He is conservative and reserved. You can anticipate a very organized person. In fact, his need for organization is borderline compulsive. He will be the type of person that can't put things off until tomorrow because it will drive him crazy.

In school, if he is given a group project he will slowly take over the project. He doesn't like things to be done incorrectly and if he can't have it done his way he will get frustrated. He doesn't like to be criticized and he has a bit of a superiority complex. If he is angry with you, you will never know. He keeps things to himself but may be secretly vindictive.

He will most likely go to college. He will pursue a job that makes him feel important. He is a hard worker but he may be slow at getting his job done because of his need to check and recheck his work. He may choose a career in electronics, engineering, accounting, aviation, or pharmacology.

2. What's Your Baby's Personality? 

Results: Your baby is: Fickle Frankie.

Today, he wants to be held all day. Tomorrow, he'll cry if you even try to pick him up. What worked yesterday does nothing today; that's the way of the fickle baby. "Sometimes sweet, sometimes sour, always cute" could be his motto. There's nothing wrong with knowing what you want, even if what you want changes by the minute.

The good news is, he'll learn to speak soon enough so he can give you a head's up. The bad news: You're going to fly by the seat of your pants until then. Hang in there, mama!

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