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[GIVEAWAY] More ECOVER products for you!

Hey people! I'm announcing another GIVEAWAY by ECOVER! :)

 ECOVER's household cleaning products are made of natural plants and minerals which are non-toxic and free of harmful chemicals. They contain eco-surfactants that have been tested to provide powerful cleaning with complete biodegradability and and non-toxic.

Their tagline: Safer. Greener. Cleverer.

I've used these three products:

ECOVER All Purpose Cleaner, Lemon - 1L
ECOVER Triple Action Toilet Cleaner, Ocean Waves - 750ml
ECOVER Floor Soap with Natural Linseed Oil - 1L

Okay, now. Take a look at the photo below:

Shocked? Here's another one. Haha.

Yes, that's my 19.5-month toddler. He enjoys eating and engaging in some sort of sensory play with his food at the same time. You can see the "artistic" mess he creates every time he eats on his own. His food will be everywhere - on his body, his face, the highchair, the wall, the floor.

Therefore, I need a safe cleaner to clean up the highchair because he tends to pour food on the tray and pick them up to eat again. So, I use ECOVER's Washing-up Liquid, aka dish-washing liquid.

ECOVER Washing-up Liquid

I also need a safe laundry detergent to wash his clothes (if I forget to undress him before he eats, his clothes will become a "painting canvas"). So, I use ECOVER's Laundry Liquid.

ECOVER Laundry Liquid

Now, ECOVER is giving away FREE samples for both Washing-up Liquid and Laundry Liquid. They come in cute miniature bottles of 100ml each. They are really very cute!

ECOVER products are tested for sensitive skin. They are the pioneers of eco-surfactants that have been tested to provide powerful cleaning with complete biodegradability and low toxicity. This means, ECOVER products are safer for you and your family and kinder to Mother Nature.

Want to try some FREE samples?

If you have sensitive skin and would like to try out ECOVER products, just fill up this form (by ECOVER) and they will courier the samples to you! Samples are only available while stocks last, so fill up the form quick!

Good luck!

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  1. My boy also like to make mess with food once he is full. Now he want to feed himself, does not want me to feed him. So I always have to clean his seat and mess on the floor.