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The Chronicles of Trojan Exorcism™

After wasting two days stressing myself out with unnecessary anxieties, being snappy, and feeling "oh-so-darn-hurt" with that kind of "don't-blame-me" attitude (muahahahaha!), I decided to commemorate my dear laptop's journey of Trojan plus Worm infection and brand it as "The Chronicles of Trojan Exorcism™".

Hey, I wanna cheer myself up, okay. From the moment I know how to operate a desktop, PDA, laptop, and whatever gadget that I have, I've NEVER let them get hurt by these bastards (virus/spyware/malware, etc). And now, an honest mistake (assumed that it is) from an unexpected suspect cost me two days of nonproductive performance. Oh, so that's not a problem eh?

Okay, now let me do a little recap from my previous post. This is gonna be a SUPER LENGTHY, LONG-WINDED post. Skip it if you don't wanna read. I've warned you beforehand. :D


20 April 2009, past 7:30pm

Borrowed an infected thumbdrive. How on earth was I suppose to know that it was infected? The Trojan didn't show face and say, "Hi Joyce, I'm Trojan. Nice to meet you!" Correct?

20 April 2009, past 10:30pm
Suspecting something amissed when my laptop was slower than usual, I ran the anti-virus software but got nil result about any impending virus attack although I did see a log about a spyware. I pushed all negative thoughts aside, hoping that the log was just a delusion.

21 April 2009, about 9:30am
The owner of that thumbdrive had her desktop's hard disk reformatted. Gulp! Fearing the worst, I ran the anti-virus software again but I didn't get any virus alert at all. So, I thought I was just being paranoid.

21 April 2009, about 8:45pm
When the Trojan alert prompt blasted my laptop screen a few times and an unwanted exe file executing itself without my permission, I could feel my heart throbbing at my throat. The night my lappie succumbed to Trojan, my heart bled and I shed silent tears while cursing that good-for-nothing thumbdrive. WTF.

22 April 2009, about 2:15pm
- 1st round scan: 48 infected files
- 2nd round scan: In progress
- Thumbdrive: Scanned, not infected
- EHD: Shall scan tomorrow (23 April 2009)

22 April 2009, about 5:15pm
- Die virus die! Go back to where you're from!
- My lappie is going through the process of virus exorcism. Now scanning folder by folder. *prays hard*

22 April 2009, about 8:45pm
Back-up all working files and Outlook's .pst files. Scanned with BitDefender 2009. All cleared from Trojan
sial. But, C drive shall be re-formatted tomorrow. Ah well... Let there be light! :D

23 April 2009, 10:30am - 4:30pm
Trojan Exorcism Status: Successfully Executed. Hard Drive Formatted. Autorun Disabled.

Ouch! Copying files plus formatting the hard drive took me 6 hours while I struggled half-dead replying work emails via webmail, something that I HATE very much. I don't like that web interface, okay?

Re-set my Windows Live Messenger > Tools > Options > Everything there. All my emoticons are gone again. Haih.....

Downloaded Modify Header (for work purposes) and made it functioning. Then, TwitterFox (for Twitter, obviously) and added back my Twitter account to it. Then, there's Google Toolbar for easier access to my Google Account. By all means, I want my Firefox to function like what I used to have. Took me... less than 20 minutes, thank God!

Then, while I was trying to solve a client's request, I discovered that without Nokia PC Suite, I can't get that screenshot from my phone! Arrgghhh!!! So, I spent another 15 minutes installing Nokia PC Suite.

Then, I launched Microsoft Outlook and replied all work emails HAPPILY. I have this habit of presenting nice, HTML emails without fail. Without these formattings, I'll feel handicapped and restless! Perfectionist?

Cheered myself up by emailing him the transparent gif I promised. :D

23 April 2009, about 5:30pm
Full scan on EHD done, not infected by Trojan. Good. Now I BACK-UP ALL my working files in my EHD as well.

23 April 2009, about 7:30pm
Went berserk for a good 20 minutes when I can't go online. Dunno wtf was wrong with my wireless function. I guessed I pissed the IT guy off when I snapped at him via my mobile phone for 7 minutes. He won't pick up my second call. Duh. Fine. I fixed it on my own after I re-started my laptop.

23 April 2009, about 9:30pm
Mess around Control Panel:
- Display
- User Account
- Power Options
- Regional and Language Options
- Sounds and Audio Devices
- User Accounts

Re-run driver for my webcam. Passed UAT.

Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah.

It fits.

I still got Worm alert prompts. WTF!!!


  1. Just switch to Ubuntu! *is bricked*

  2. Errr.... Naoko, I don't think I'll do so. This is company laptop lehhh.