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More about your birth date

For those who can read Mandarin, I mean traditional Chinese characters, click here to view yours. Have FUN!

Here's mine.

16 June's representative individual is Adam Smith (siapa ni?) He turned out to be a Scottish moral philosopher and a pioneer of political economy. *eyes rolling*

Then, here are the characteristics:

Full of imagination, dreams, and creativity.
Juice: Haha. I know.

Good at and successful with investments, whether financial, career or family.
Juice: Uh-huh, really?

It means not striving to gain short-term profit in a short span of time.
Juice: Hmmm... depends on what situation.

Good traits: Very patient and persistent in pursuing own goals.
Juice: Persistent, yes. Patient? Depends on what situation. Kesabaran ada hadnya.

Bad traits: Suspicious, worrisome, indecisive.
Juice: I recognize these as less positive traits, not bad traits. Haha.

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