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Lungs oh lungs

Okay. First, this post is dedicated to my office friends. Second, if you're not a colleague, forget about the meaning of the alphabets in those gray boxes and the one and only red box.

Okay. Last night I put this broadcast on my MSN & Twitter: "I think I'll cough both my lungs out soon."

Soon enough, I got these responses. LOL!

Response 1:
Drink honey and lemon. Sip warm water to soothe your itching throat.

Response 2:
M: Got see doctor or not?
J: Nope.
M: Got eat vitamins or not?
J: Nope.
M: That's why they'll come out soon.
J: O_O
M: Go rest more. If not, hard to get well.

Response 3:
L: What's wrong with your lungs :O
J: Coughing... till as if they are gonna come out soon
L: I would like to see your lungs.. and maybe touch em a bit
J: oh, okies.... LOL

Response 4:
J: Coughing can make your lungs come out, you know?
C: parts of it

Okay, see the red box up there? That's the source of the coughing/flu bug. See the arrows? The destination of the arrows represents the victims of the source's almighty bug. Muahahahaha!

Have a nice coughing day. *Cough Cough*

Lungs oh lungs, please stay where you're at. :)

Okay, back to work.

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