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Updated: My lappie is sick :'(

I was sick - coughing my lungs (or parts of it) out for one week or so. That was last week. One whole packet of lemon-flavored Fisherman's Friend managed to cure my coughing fits.

Now, it's my lappie's turn. She's infected by virus, most probably a far-k-ing Trojan, as alerted by my Bitdefender (anti-virus). I got no idea where that stupid Trojan came from, seriously. I've always switched on the anti-virus faithfully, without fail. And now, I can't launch my anti-virus software at all. :S

So, lappie's gonna stay in the hospital for dunno how long and I can't reply work emails tomorrow (22 April 2009). Luckily, I've downloaded the client for DiGi MSN on my mobile. So, I bet I'll be very mobile tomorrow.

Need to reach me? Just call or SMS or MSN or Twitter or go to my cubicle. Haha.

That's all for now.

Hope lappie won't be re-formatted.


Updates (22 April 2009, about 2:15pm):
1st round scan: 48 infected files
2nd round scan: In progress
Thumbdrive: Scanned, not infected
EHD: Shall scan tomorrow (23 April 2009)

Updates (22 April 2009, about 5:15pm):
Die virus die! Go back to where you're from!
My lappie is going through the process of virus exorcism. Now scanning folder by folder. *prays hard*

Updates (22 April 2009, about 8:45pm):
Back-up all working files and Outlook's .pst files. Scanned with BitDefender 2009. All cleared from Trojan sial. But, C drive shall be re-formatted tomorrow. Ah well... Let there be light! :D

Updates (23 April 2009, about 4:30pm):
Trojan Exorcism Status: Successfully Executed. Hard Drive Formatted. Autorun Disabled.

Check out The Chronicles of Trojan Exorcism™.


  1. oh, eu use twitter? I had a twitter account. But I thought no one in Malaysia uses it lols so anyhow didn't use it anymore lols

  2. Oh, now more and more M'sians are using Twitter.