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Save Social Energy (1) -- A Self Analysis

Have you taken this survey? I've posted questions 1-13 as below for easier reference.

1. How many personal email accounts do you have?

2. What do you mainly use your perso
nal email account(s) for? [choose three that apply most]
A) Work
B) Sending photos to my contacts
C) Sending files and documents (Word documents, PowerPoint) to my contacts
D) Keeping in touch with friends and family

E) Organizing events and get-togethers
F) A formal means of communication (e.g. to potential employers)
G) A destination to receive news alerts and other services I have signed up for

H) Sending inquiries to retailers and other service providers
I) Receipt of online statements and bills
J) Other (please specify)

3. How many unread e
mails do you have in your personal email accounts? [please estimate]
A) None
B) 1 – 20

C) 21 – 50
D) 51 – 100
E) 101 – 300
F) 301 – 500
G) Over 500

4. Do you file away emails that are in your personal email accounts (e.g. into folders)?

5. How much unwanted mail (junk or spam) do you get in a day? Note: Spam usually refers to advertising e-mails sent out randomly, whereas junk e-mails are usually sent from sites which have a record of your e-mail address from a visit.
A) None
B) 1 – 5
C) 6
D) 11 – 15
E) Over 15

6. How many social networks are you currently active on?

7. On average, how many windows do you have open on your screen for instant messaging and social networking purposes?

8. How often do have a
video call with friends, family or colleagues?
A) Never
B) Once a month or less

C) 1 – 2 times a week
D) 3 – 5 times a week
E) 6 – 10 times a week
F) More than 10 times a week

9. Of all the friends across your social networks, what percentage would you consider close friends? [please estimate]
None (0%)
Quarter (25%)

Half (50%)
Three quarters (75%)
All (100%)

10. Do you regularly 'scrub' your friends list and delete people you are no longer in touch with?

No but I need to

11. What percentage of the updates that you get on your social networks are important or relevant? [please estimate]
None (0%)
Quarter (25%)

Half (50%)
Three quarter (75%)
All (100%) 

12. On average, how much time do you spend on your social networks each day?
A) Under an hour
B) About one hour
C) 1 – 3 hours
D) 3 – 5 hours
E) 5
10 hours
F) More than 10 hours

13. Do you feel like you are weighed down with information overload coming in from a flood of emails and social networks?


Now, based on the answers from the survey, do a self analysis about your social networking life or other stuff that you do when you're online. Ask questions. Are you overwhelmed by the effects of TMI (too much information)? Do you want to have better management of your social life? Do you want to deal with issues that bother you?

I joined a helpful discussion about a recent campaign known as Save Social Energy with fellow friends from my social networking circle two weeks ago. Here are some eye-opening points.
  • What is Social Energy? Social energy refers to the energy that you use when you socialize -- both in real life and online. According to Scott Young, a blogger that seemingly coined the term, "Social energy comes from spending time in a stimulating environment with other people."
  • Why save Social Energy? This is not to cut down on socializing to converse energy. We want to save social energy so that we can socialize better!
Saving social energy simply means spending our time on social networks more efficiently so we can balance work, social networking, and other lifestyle requirements effectively!

In a nutshell, we explore ideas of how to save social energy by having less clutter and yet, more chatter.



In order to achieve this, we need to identify several issues. I've listed down five points: 

1. Cluttered Social Networks
- Are you receiving multiple updates (e.g. Facebook & Twitter) from people who don't matter as much?

- Are you fed up with Facebook application updates such as Farmville, Restaurant City, etc on your Facebook page?

- Are you overwhelmed by the need to read through every single update of your friends' Facebook and Twitter updates?

- Do you want and know how to prioritize your friends' updates on your Facebook page stream?

2. Multiple Online Networking Chaos
- Are you dependent and addicted to multiple social networking during office hours and even in your daily life?

- Is your work performance affected by your online networking life?

3. Lack of Privacy
- How much information are you willing to release to the public?- Are you bothered by any features found on the social networking sites that you're currently active in? If yes, how do you deal with it?

- Do you read up the privacy policy of each social networking site that you've joined?

4. Clutter in My Inbox
- Are you having difficulties with keeping up with emails because there are just too many to read?

5. Too Much Spam (Greymail)
- Do you receive a lot non-essential emails (from approved sources) offering products and services, newsletters that take up valuable inbox space and may inadvertently obscure emails from work or friends?


At the moment, to address these issues, self-management is very crucial. Of course, there are also other solutions to assist you. I'll write about that in another post.

Till then, visit or for more information.



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