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Blogger-droid App: The Simple Blogger Client for Android Phones

I realize that one of the most important things to keep my blog alive is by updating it frequently. Blogging on the go has become a rather useful way to do so.

Now, if you are a Blogger user and have an Android phone, you can do blogging on the go anytime, anywhere as long as you have Internet connectivity by using the Blogger-droid app, a simple Blogger Client for Android phones.

Note: Please do not mistaken this Blogger-droid app with the official version of the Blogger Android App (released in February 2011). Unfortunately, the official version is not available for the Asian market at the moment.

First of all, do a search for Blogger-droid on the Android Market.

There are two versions of Blogger-droid. First, the FREE version that comes with mobile ads. Second, the Ad-free version that costs RM4.77. The one that I use for this post is the FREE version.

Here's the list of things that you can do with this app according to the description:

  • Create/view/edit/delete blog posts
  • Post comments to published blog posts
  • Upload picture(s) and video(s)
  • Select size and quality of pictures uploaded
  • Set publish date/time
  • Publish as draft
  • Share pictures, videos, YouTube clips, links etc
I use Blogger-droid to create and publish a one-liner, simple blog post and set the publishing date and time for the post. However, I have not tried the uploading of photos and videos feature.

Below are the screenshots from using the app:

After the app is opened on your Android phone, you will need to log in to your Blogger Account.

Next, you will be prompted to select a default blog to post to. You can change this selection when you are done with posting and want to do a different posting on another blog.

Key in the title, content, and labels (separated by comma).

Click "Publish blog post" once done. You will be prompted the date/time publishing screen. Key in the desired date and time and your post will be published on that date/time.

Here's the QR code for the app's download link:


  1. Minimalist. Lack of features imho. But can't find anything better.

  2. The official app should have more features according to Blogger Buzz's article: Introducing Blogger Android App .

    Are you using an Android phone now?

  3. yeah i am lols desire. it be good to draft it with blogger droid or blogger android but i dont think its nice writing using it.. lols

    btw, we can use "My Market" to access to US market. grins.

  4. I see. Interesting. So I got an "assignment for you. *grins*

    You see this DG Smart Plan™'s Android Apps Review page?

    What about you write a blog post about your favorite Android application and send?


  5. no wonder... lols