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The Royal Spa Treatment @ Jari Spa, Solaris Dutamas


Healing Technique. Indigenous Traditions. Release Stress and Pamper Yourself with Us.

Spa Coupon

 Two months ago, I bought a spa coupon from Jari Spa for our Valentine's treat. After calling up Jari Spa to make an appointment, the only available slot for couples was on 22 April 2011. Well, it was a little bit belated for Valentine's Day but we still went ahead with our spa treatment escapade. :P

Jari Spa

A2-U1-5, Solaris Dutamas
10am - 8pm (Mon - Sun)
Website | Facebook | Twitter

Here's an introduction from their website: "Nestled in the middle of prestigious area in the city, the natural and authentic Balinese rituals are formed and await you in the setting of JARI. JARI means finger in the Malay language. Fingers that will sooth you, awake you, invigorate you to the whole new experience. JARI is a true sanctuary of tranquility that promises you the best in relaxation, a most rewarding experience with a true sense of inner-self, well-being, and beauty ensuring results and benefits."

This is the elegantly and artfully decorated walkway that leads the customers to their respective spa rooms. Soothing and relaxing Balinese music plays softly in the background.

This is another angle of the walkway.


There are a few series of treatment offered by Jari Spa: The Body Senses, The Body Elements, The Beauty Senses Touch, The Body Amazing Rituals Spa, The Beautiful Bridal, Post Natal, and The Signature Rituals Spa. More info on their website.

The coupon that I bought was for The Royal Spa Treatment (in
The Body Amazing Rituals Spa series), originally priced at RM280 per pax for 2 hours. Treatment includes (in sequence) Foot Bath, Herbal Steam, Body Massage, Javanese Lulur, Whitening Mask, and Milk Bath.

First of all, we had our Foot Bath for five minutes.

Then, we went into this shower room attached in the spa room for Herbal Steam. The five minutes spent in that "oven" of 36-37 degrees Celsius was quite unbearable for me.

For the next 1.5 hours, we were given Body Massage (whole body), Javanese Lulur (scrub), and Whitening Mask (whole body). It was indeed a relaxing experience. The kneading and rolling loosened up unwanted knots in our muscles and pent-up stress from all-day's work.

Finally, we went into the shower room again for our Milk Bath. The bath tub functioned like a jacuzzi and we were being massaged by spurts of warm, milky water.

Before we left, we were given gift vouchers. :)

Good News!

Enjoy Aromatherapy Massage / Balinese Massage for RM89/hour OR Body Scrub and Body Mask at RM79 during Happy Hour (11am - 3pm). Also, take note of the Ladies Hour, every Friday 12-2pm.

I'd love to come for treatment again! :)


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