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E Garden Recipe @ SSTwo Mall

SSTwo Mall is one of the newest neighborhood malls in Petaling Jaya. There isn't much crowd even on weekends and if I want to have a really peaceful and satisfying lunch, I choose to visit this mall. 

I heard from a friend about good, healthy meals at E Garden Recipe, so I brought my sister for lunch on Saturday. 

Address: LG-55 SSTwo Mall
 If you're not familiar with the mall's layout, you'll take quite some time to find this restaurant. To make it easy, walk out from the mall towards the middle open-air flea market section. Look for Secret Recipe and you'll see E Garden Recipe in the opposite direction. 

The moment I set foot in the restaurant, its bright, airy, homey, and welcoming ambiance drew my immediate attention. There was no crowd, no rowdy kids, and everything was fresh and tidy. Thumbs up for superb and comfortable dine-in environment.
The next thing that caught my attention was the menu book. E Garden Recipe is all about eating and living healthy. They specialize in preparing healthy dishes from organic beans, brown rice, and mostly vegetarian-oriented ingredients. For meat dishes, I couldn't recall if they serve red meat but they do use chicken and salmon.

By the way, this is a halal restaurant. So, no pork is served.

Ginger Extract Soup with Brown Rice Mee Sua 

If you love ginger in your meals, you'll love this bowl of deliciously tangy soup with carrot julienne, spinach, black fungus slices, and an egg. The brown rice mee sua is surprisingly soft to the bite and delicious too. It's priced at RM12.90 at the moment. You'll need to add 10% service charge to your bill.

I did a quick search on the medicinal properties of ginger and found some useful information here and here.
Lei Cha with Brown Rice

Lei Cha or Lui Cha (depends on dialect) is my favorite "cleansing" meal because its main ingredients are chopped leafy vegetables, beans, tofu, and peanuts.

Look at these mini trays of vegetables and stuff!

Clockwise: A bowl of brown rice garnished with chopped Chinese parsley, chopped leafy vegetables, roasted tofu, another mini tray of chopped leafy vegetables, roasted peanuts, chopped chai po (sweetened radish), cabbage and carrot julienne, and chopped long beans.

Middle: A pot of lei cha paste and white sesame seeds mixed with hot water.

This whole set is priced at RM13.90 at the moment.
You'll need to add 10% service charge to your bill.

There are a few ways to enjoy this bowl of healthy, delicious meal and reap the most benefits out of it.

1. Eat everything separately, like your own mini buffet.

Mix the ingredients (vegetables and stuff) with the rice; drink the lei cha paste separately.

Mix everything (vegetables and stuff and lei cha paste) in one bowl.

For me , I love to mix everything together. What's your style?

A good lunch indeed on a Saturday! I would love to visit E Garden Recipe again.

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