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Cheddar Cheese Bread (baked in bread maker) plus some tips about using Cornell Bread Master bread maker

Here's my latest loaf of homemade bread baked in my Cornell Bread Master bread maker.

Cheddar Cheese Bread

I aim to bake a fresh loaf of homemade bread every week. Homemade bread makes great breakfast and snack for the family. Leftover slices, if any, can be made into croutons, breadcrumbs, bread pudding, and french toast!
Recipe adapted from here.

(Makes a 2lb bread) 

1 & 1/4 cups water
1 tablespoon butter, room temperature
2 tablespoons molasses sugar
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup full cream milk powder
2 cups bread flour
1 cup wholemeal bread flour
1 & 1/2 teaspoons instant yeast

2 cups shredded cheddar cheese*

*I shred the cheese from Kraft's Cheddar Cheese block until I get 2 cups. Don't reduce the amount or you won't get that nice cheesy aroma! Add them into the bread pan after the first beeping sound.

How to:

1. By following the bread maker's manual, I have listed the ingredients' sequence correctly - in terms of which ingredient goes into the bread maker first - in the list above.

2. Close the lid, select the "basic" setting, loaf size (2lb), crust type (light), and press start.

3. Once the baking cycle is done, remove the bread pan from the machine to cool down.

Note: Please add the ingredients into the bread pan by following your bread maker's manual.

Lovely golden crust and cheesy aroma!

Can't wait to slice you!


Soft, fluffy, moist, cheesy!

I keep the slices in a food grade zipper bag.

Some personal tips about using this Cornell Bread Master bread maker:

1. Rub the kneading paddles with butter/oil before pouring the ingredients into the bread pan. This will allow easy removal of the bread from the pan.

2. If you're using recipes from western countries, it's recommended to reduce the amount of yeast by half a teaspoon. Too much yeast will cause over-proofing and the top of your bread might collapse (caved in).

3. Don't leave the hot bread in the pan too long because the bottom of the bread will sweat and become soggy. This will affect the bread's shelf life.

4. Give the bread pan a few good shakes to dislodge the bread. If your bread doesn't come out easily, use a rubber/plastic spatula (NOT metal) to scrap around the bread.

5. Let the bread cool completely before slicing with a serrated knife. Then, you won't get broken slices.

6. Keep the slices in a food grade zipper bag to retain freshness and softness up to 3 days (depending on your house's humidity, you might need to observe the number of days).

7. My homemade bread recipes archive.

On a side note, I haven't started adding nuts and seeds (although I can't wait to do so!) to my bread because I haven't introduced them to my 14.5-month toddler.

Nuts are super allergens and notorious choking hazards, so I'm not comfortable introducing whole nuts to him before he turns 24 months. But I guess I can add some almond meal and hazelnut meal as a start.


  1. Hi Joyce,
    Your bread looks really nice! Cheesy aroma sounds so yum!
    Thanks for all the tips! I have not used my breadmaker in ages!

    1. I haven't tried proofing bread outside the bread maker and baking it in the oven. Maybe I should try that some day. :D

  2. Hi Joyce!

    I tried this recipe yesterday night but without wholemeal flour. Just with plain bread flour. A little bit salty for me but the bread was soft and fluffy.

    I will consider baking it with wholemeal flour next time just like you did.

    1. Great to hear this! Maybe can reduce the amount of Cheddar cheese?

    2. Yeah ... I think I will reduce to a cup next time instead of two cups. I did not expect it to be this salty.

      But all in all, it was a great loaf.

    3. Yeah ... I will try one cup instead of two next time. Did not expect it to be this salty.

      But all in all, it was a great loaf.

    4. Maybe it's the brand. I used Bega. Less salty compared to Kraft. I'm feeding my toddler too, so am always using less salty cheese.

    5. I did not use Kraft. Intended to but I was lazy to shred them myself so I bought the shredded cheddar cheese of Alba.

      It tasted rather salty for me before I even bring them to bake but I thought it would be okay since it is a big loaf of bread.

      Albeit I find the bread loaf salty, my dad finds the bread a little bit sweet. *sweat*

    6. Oops. Why did I write Kraft in my blog post? Aiya. I guess must have slipped past my mind when I was typing. Kraft is more popular than Bega. Haha.