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The little, little things in our life

The one who takes your hand but touches your heart is a true Friend.

We seldom think of what we have, but always think of what we miss.

Don't cry because it's over, laugh because it happened.

The more precisely you plan, the harder destiny will hit you.

What happens, happens for a reason.

Don't make an effort, because the best things happen when you least expect them.

The greatest events aren't the loudest, but the quietest hours.

The most difficult lesson to learn - Which bridge in lif
e to use or which one to break off.

Everybody sees how you seem to be, only some know who you are.

Perhaps God would want you to become acquainted with many different people in the course of your life, so that when you meet the right ones, you can appreciate and be grateful.

Love doesn't require two persons to look at each other, but that they look together in the same direction.

Plan for tomorrow, but live for today.

May we always have...
Air to breath
Fire to warm
Water to drink

The Earth to live in.

In life, there are moments when you miss someone so much that you would only fulfill your dreams by holding that person tight in your arms.

There are moments when someone is missed so much that it makes us long for them every day.

When a door of happiness is closed, another opens, we still continue to look at the closed door and not attach importance to that which have
just been opened for us.

Do not trust in appearances; they are often false.

Seek somebody who communicates with you in laughters because one laughter could turn a sad day into a joyful day.

Dream whatever you desire to dream; go wherever you wish; seek whatever you desire; be who you want to be.

Because life is unique by how you shape it. You only have one life to do what makes you happy.

The lucky ones inevitably do not have best of the best. They seek simply the best of what they see on their journey.

The most beautiful future will always depend on the need for forgetting the past. You will not be able to go from the past in life as long as you have not overcame the mistakes of the past and all that hurt you.

Live life in full and smile in spite of difficult times.

Never lose the opportunity to give sunshine to the day of a person who needs a few
encouraging words.

Life does not amount in breathings, but to the moments that take your breath away.

Life is beautiful.

May every moment of your life be filled with JOY!

Find on this wonderful quest of life...
Enough happiness to spread it around,
Enough road blocks to become stronger,
Enough sorrows to keep a good soul,
Enough wishes to be happy from within...

The happiest persons don't necessarily have everything, they simply utilizes all the potential in what life has to offer.

Happiness awaits...
...for all the tears...
...for the sufferers...
...for the one who searches...
...for the devoted ones...

...for the one who loves...

Because only people who care, can appreciate the importance of the things that leave traces in life.

Forget the pass, leave behind the mistakes and sorrows.

Love is born with a smile and grows with a kiss.

Treasure those...
...who mark your life.
...who make you laugh when you really needed somebody.
...who shower you with encouragement when you are down.
...who just passed by you.
...who look up to you for encouragement.
...who need you at their side.

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