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Let's find out who's on your mind...

17 signals to test whether there is SOMEONE who has touched your heart...

17 You look at his/her profile/photo a lot.

16 You are on the phone with him/her late at midnight and when it's time to hang up, you still miss him/her even though it was just 2 minutes ago.

15 You read his/her SMS or MMS over and over again.

14 You walk really slow when you are with him/her.

13 You feel shy whenever you are or he/she is around.

11 When you think about him/her, your heart beats faster.

10 You smile whenever you hear his/her voice.

9 When you look at him/her, you can't see anyone else around you.

8 You start to listen to slow songs while thinking about him/her.

7 He/She is all you can think about.

6 You get excited just from his/her scent.

5 You realize that you are always smiling to yourself when you think about him/her.

4 You would do anything for him/her, or anything to see him/her.

3 While reading this, there is ONE person on your mind the whole time...

2 You are so busy thinking about this person that you don't notice number 12.

1 You have just looked up to check and are now laughing silently at yourself.

Ask yourself: What's the next step?

Follow your heart, pray to the Lord to bless you, and just do what you think you should do ;-)


  1. Oh my... aren't I a lovely shade of pink at the moment~ ^^;

  2. lol
    sounds like someone is in love ^^


  3. Eh..hemm.. Silver Fox, time to korek who's ur lover eh? Kakaka...