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The Gentle Goat

1. The most easygoing of all the signs.
Juice: Wohkay, I love this being the first explanation!

2. Sensitive towards others' needs, kindhearted, flexible, and sociable.
Juice: Ahahaha... Very accurate indeed.

3. Loves life and all forms of art will help them express their active energy.
Juice: YES! So, that's why I love MUSIC, MOVIES, and WRITING!

4. When stressed, they can be moody and appear weak, but will stubbornly resist the opinions of others if they disagree.
Juice: Moody - yes. Appear weak - Huh? Stubborn - yes, if you piss me off.

5. Devoted to their loved ones, outgoing and quite outspoken about the world they live in.
Juice: Well, this trait brings enough problem to me. I gotta Shut Up and Cool Down for a long, long time.

6. Free-spirited and honest, whatever they say about something or someone will not be far off the truth.
Juice: Oh dear, bear in my mind that NOT all people can accept this kind of straightforward honesty.

7. Well-connected and loved because of their kind nature. It's common for their mothers to be their best friends.
Juice: Hmmm... I think so...

8. Assertive but not dominant and tends to complete what others leave undone.
Juice: CORRECT! This is known as "collect sh1t". :D

9. Makes great coworkers and superior friends as long as you allow them space to be creative.
Juice: Hahaha! Thanks for the compliment.

10. Loves to work hard but must be allowed plenty of creative freedom in the trenches, of which they will inspire teammates and colleagues alike.
Juice: You hear me, right?

11. Inventors at heart and can make money with innovative ideas and products.
Juice: Errr... I need time for business development.

12. Earns and spends money with a combination of creativity and logical reasoning. They know how to save money. In fact, they are often the ones to dream-up and launch new money making ideas , which tend to attract many followers. Their dreams of getting rich propel them forward but they struggle with the doubt that it will ever happen.
Juice: o_O


1. Falls in love many times but are always waiting for the special partner that can crack the walls around them.
Juice: O_o

2. Tends to be overly critical and focus on finding the ideal partner -- who, of course, does not exist. Once they can let go of their high ideals, they can open their hearts.
Juice: Oh, I wish all Goat guy pals out there good luck then!

3. Needs his partner's encouragement of his self-confidence and boost his belief in his own talents.
Juice: And then?

4. Hard to please because he can quickly change moods, with no apparent good reason.
Juice: Ahahahaha! I thought this is for Goat gals.

5. Believes there is only one partner for them in this life and if that goes wrong or does not materialize, they tend to stay solo.
Juice: Oh-uh, good luck then!

Famous Goat Guys: Robert De Niro, John Denver, Mel Gibson, George Harrison, Mick Jagger, Bruce Willis, John Wayne, Sir Laurence Olivier


1. Never forget all occasions she thinks are important.
Juice: Errr... Not 100%.

2. Likes a perfect household, satisfied with a well-ordered and beautiful home with her partner.
Juice: Eh, c'mon, which gal doesn't want this?

3. Most believe in and seek out traditional marriage and with their natural creativity, they usually find it.
Juice: OH! To all Goat gals, may we all find what we've been looking for! :P

Famous Goat Gals: Pamela Anderson, Jane Austen, Debra Winger

Yearly Prediction for the Goat
Jan 26, 2009 - Feb 13, 2010

Friendship is the name of the game in the Year of the Earth Ox. Whatever problems you face -- professional, financial, personal or romantic -- you'll get by with a little help from your pals. Making more time for your nearest and dearest is critical. Short trips are favored throughout August and October -- this would be a great time to visit loved ones who live nearby. If you don't spend time with your favorite people, stress can take a toll on your health.

You Goats are sensitive creatures that are easily thrown off balance. Granted, you'll have plenty of extra responsibilities heaped on your shoulders throughout 2009, but the point is, you don't have to handle them all by yourself. Be willing to ask friends and neighbors to run errands, baby sit or fix meals when you are pressed for time. They'll be more than happy to help. If you need to sell your home, launch a legal case or conquer a medical problem, consider hiring a professional. Although their fees may be steep, you can benefit from their expert services. 2009 is definitely not the year when you should tackle jobs all by yourself… it will take a village!

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