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Broadband Done Right the Right Way :: Broadband by DiGi

Okay folks! Prepare to read a very looonnnggg post! Ready, go!

Are you peeps out there wondering why am I such a hardcore DiGi supporter? To tell the truth and nothing but the truth by cutting the long story short and in a nutshell, I've been an ardent and avid DiGi customer since 2002, errr... that was like 7 years ago, which means, after I killed the pain-in-the-a$$ TMTouch line (then 013) and a short-lived Hotlink line, I've been on DiGi Prepaid for 3 years ago (2002-2005) before switching to DiGi Postpaid (2005 onwards) till now. Am I making myself clear? :)

Once I made up my mind, don't expect me to change without giving me proper and solid reasons. But then, if I do change my mind, don't expect me to overturn my decisions without valid justification.


Okay, back to the topic of Broadband Done Right the Right Way.

I went through this ordeal and this havoc.

But today, it's a blissful experience at DiGi Service Centre, LG, One Utama (New Wing), near Cold Storage as I signed up for DiGi Broadband's Discover Plan.

1. Walked in straight to the counter and got hold of one of the DSC staffs.

2. Asked him to check the Broadband Coverage Map and it's confirmed that SS7 IS WITHIN THE COVERAGE AREA.

3. Passed my IC and the Siaocom un-blacklist letter to the staff for him to process my details in the database.

4. Received the box of my long-awaited broadband modem and stuff, filled in some forms, signed the payment slip, chatted with the staff, praised him a bit, and told him that I'd call up CS to inform about his good customer service level. :)

For more information, log on to Broadband by DiGi or just call 016-221 1800 for enquiries. I did that and the customer service rep. is very, very helpful.


Here's the Broadband E219 HSDPA USB Modem (HSDPA 3.6 Mbps).

Here's how the whole box look like.

Here's how my cute modem is plugged in to my laptop.

Installation is as easy as A, B, C and 1, 2, 3. It was done in less than 10 minutes. This step is valid after approximately 2 hours (counting from the time the SIM is activated). And voila! Speed is superb!!! Remember the horrible shell-less tortoise that poses on its own shell? Now, I think, it ain't that horrible though. Well, it takes time to realize the best qualities in certain objects, right? :P


First thing to be done tomorrow morning is to visit TMPoint and TERMINATE SCREWMYX! GET THE HELL OUT OF MY LIFE! :P


Oh yeah, I logged on to D'Chat! Cool! I can chat with DiGi Customer Service rep!

(12:30:45 am) Your chat session has started...
(12:32:36 am) LYM : Hi!
(12:32:47 am) DiGi CS: hi there!
(12:32:51 am) LYM : I'd like to say bravo to good customer service
(12:32:53 am) DiGi CS: how may i assist you tonight? :-)
(12:33:08 am) LYM : I just bought my DiGi Broadband
(12:33:24 am) LYM : and I'd like to thank the DSC staff
(12:33:35 am) LYM : who works at DSC One Utama
(12:33:39 am) LYM : for the good service
(12:33:43 am) DiGi CS: i see
(12:33:48 am) LYM : Thank you so much!!
(12:34:03 am) DiGi CS: do you happen to catch the staff name?
(12:34:12 am) LYM : Err.. Nope... LOL
(12:34:30 am) DiGi CS: i see
(12:34:32 am) LYM : The DSC is located at LG
(12:34:43 am) LYM : somewhere around Cold Storage
(12:34:45 am) DiGi CS: any description would be helpful
(12:34:59 am) DiGi CS: is it a he or a she?
(12:35:01 am) LYM : haha... a young male
(12:35:05 am) LYM : Chinese
(12:35:16 am) DiGi CS: i see
(12:35:25 am) DiGi CS: ok
(12:35:30 am) LYM : well verse in English, Chinese, Cantonese
(12:35:41 am) DiGi CS: was he the one who submitted the registration for you?
(12:35:47 am) LYM : Yes
(12:35:49 am) DiGi CS: ok
(12:36:07 am) DiGi CS: may i have the account number for the broadband account please?
(12:36:09 am) LYM : I think I found his name
(12:36:29 am) LYM : XXX
(12:37:09 am) LYM : My broadband SIM number is 014-9641323
(12:38:00 am) LYM : Do I need to submit anything else
(12:38:13 am) LYM : If none, I'd like to say thanks one more time!
(12:38:31 am) LYM : Good night
(12:39:21 am) Thank you and have a nice day.


  1. DiGi user spotted! xD Always the smarter choice :P

  2. Definitely!

    DiGi - Always the smartest's choice. XD