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Nuggets :: Highly Successful Women

8 months ago (Sep 2008), I wrote about competency vs complacency due to some insights that I gained while reflecting my own performance at work. Starting February 2009, I faced the same struggle again.

I'm always aware that
COMPETENCY is versus COMPLACENCY but what I'm not aware of is that this might create a COMPETITION. Due to this COMPETITIVE nature, I need to come to some sort of CONSENSUS to smooth the CREAKS and CREVICES that issue out of it. But no worries, I'm getting there, I just need a few more instances to get everything in pace and in place. :)

On top of this, I'm still searching for some sort of "armor of salvation" to brace myself against the attacks from my
inner turbulence due to some recent changes that I'm facing personally. I've no one whom I can trust and not biased to talk to. So, I need to withdraw my energy and strength by reading and learning from self-enhancement articles via the internet.

Saturday night has been a fruitful and thoughtful night. As I spent some quality time to surf the net, I stumbled upon a rather impressive site:

I'd like to highlight some interesting articles with some parts of their highlights that I find handy and useful.

Note: Click on the links to read the full articles. Credits are given to the hosting site and all original writers without any intention of infringement.

10 Habits of Highly Successful Women

1. Maintain your hormonal balance.
2. Forgive yourself for your mistakes.
3. Connect with who you are.
4. Avoid energy vampires.
5. Speak kindly to yourself!
6. Listen to your body.
7. Volunteer your time.
8. Let go of perfectionism.
9. Use your core strengths.
10. Take time for yourself.


The Definition of a Successful Woman - Eleanor Roosevelt

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent" ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

The best definition of a successful woman revolves around how she feels about, defines herself, and whether she's living up to her own potential. It doesn't matter what educations she has, whether she's grouchy, what illness she struggles with, or what others say about her.


Letting Go of Other People's Expectations - Maria Shriver

1. Figure out who wants what.
2. Get real.
3. Expect backlash.
4. Accept your own fears, frustrations, and anger.
5. Find your tribe.


Lighten Up to Get More Done! Dr Estelle Ramey

There's nothing less healthy, less attractive, or less appealing than a woman with a grim face and stone cold sober personality. Lightening up reduces stress and draws people to you, which can help you achieve more (if you learn to delegate and accept that people do things differently than you).

Whether you're aggravated at your boss or disappointed in your partner, "grimming and bearing it" doesn't help. Irritability or a grim attitude isn't going to make the situation easier or more tolerable - so we might as well tap into our senses of humor, wit, and cheer.

Lightening up helps you get more done by:
1. Making others feel more comfortable, relaxed, and more open to cooperating with you.
2. Keeping your stress levels low, so you can see new solutions and opportunities.
3. Making you appealing to be around, which means you're less likely to be left shouldering the burden!
4. Keeping your thoughts clear and focused, so you can work more quickly and efficiently.
5. Making you more memorable to others… in a good way.

Developing a sense of lightness, wit, and humor is a habit that can take you further in your career and personal life! By the way, the female of every species is stronger in terms of stamina, longevity and performance under stress.


Succeeding by Taking Risks - Amelia Earhart
Succeeding Despite Criticism – Amelia Earhart
Overcoming Failure - Amelia Earhart
How to Motivate Yourself – Amelia Earhart

"When they fail, their failure must be a challenge to others" ~ Amelia Earhart

"Don't take things personally; someone's always going to be mad at you and that's okay.
What other people convey - in what they think, feel, say, and do - is rarely about you; instead, it's almost always about them" ~ Robert K. Cooper

1. Thrive on the success of others.
2. Don't compare yourself to others!
3. Find - and push - your own buttons.
4. Do what comes naturally.

Knowledge is POWER.

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