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Are you an Otaku (宅男 / 宅女)?

Well, well, well. Lately, I was analyzing my lifestyle. In a nutshell, it looks like this: Wake up, freshen up, drive to office, start work, Outlook, MSN, D'WAP, NST, Berita Harian, Nanyang, TwitterFox, Facebook, Blogspot, lunch, continue working, internal/off-site meeting, D'WAP, NST, Berita Harian, Nanyang, TwitterFox, Facebook, Blogspot, MSN, drive back home, shower, dinner, INTERNET, subtitling, sleep..... and the routine repeats itself, without fail.


Read on.....

In the era of booming information technology, people-to-people relationship are becoming more and more "intelligent" with many being indifferent towards interpersonal relationships, even to the extent of indulging in all kinds of matters and things and begin to lose track of their life goals.

"Otaku" refers to a group of new generation with the following characteristics. Are you hooked to the internet? Do you like the reversed order of day and night? Do you prefer to stay at home all day long rather than taking a walk outside your house? Check with yourselves. If you have these symptoms, you may be a part of the "Otaku" community...

1. 癡迷: 癡迷於某事物、動漫、電玩、歌星,此種癡迷通常是突發性,突然間愛上並不能自拔的。
Obsession: Obsessed with certain things, anime/manga, video, singer. This sort of obsession occurs all of a sudden and hard to get rid of.

2. 依賴電腦及网絡: 長時間沒電腦用將要死要活,幹甚麼都想上网,有事沒事都經常挂在网上。
Heavily dependent on computers and the internet: Will suffer "withdrawal" symptoms if he / she has to be away from computers for a long period of time. Be it needy or needless, he / she will log on to the internet for eternity.

3. 不想上班/上學: 有時候會很厭惡上班 / 上學,但卻沒辦法。
Dreaded to go to work / school: Occasionally, felt dreaded to got to work / school but will still have to.

4. 休息時間不穩定: 没有一个規定的休息時間。
Non-stable rest time: Don't have a fixed rest time.

5. 極少出門: 比較喜歡呆在家裡。若要參與戶外活動,往往會花很長的時間來考慮。
Rarely go out: Prefers to stay at home and usually take light years to consider whether to take part in outdoor activities or not.

6. 不喜歡接触陌生人: 往往帶著恐惧感來面對陌生人。
Dislikes interaction with strangers: Harboring fear of interacting with strangers.

7. 雙重性格: 面對自己不喜欢的事情,会掩飾自己内心想法,得過且過。
Dual personality: Tend to hide own opinions and procrastinate while facing matters that he / she dislikes.

8. 收藏癖: 喜歡收藏至少一種或多種物品。
Addiction: Addicted to and is collecting one or more collectibles.

9. 身: 一般情況下是獨身。
Single: Being single in most circumstances.

10. 喜歡或有寫日記的習慣: 喜歡以寫日記的方式來記録自己生活中的點點滴滴。
Likes or have the habit of writing journals: Likes to record his / her own life journey via writings.

11. 喜歡虚擬人物: 有喜歡上虚擬人物的傾向,例如漫畫裡的角色,書本裡的角色等而非現實生活中的人物。
Fond of virtual characters: Tends to develop fondness towards virtual characters, such as anime / manga / book characters, etc. rather than real-life role models.

如果您符合以上關鍵詞超過六項,恭喜您,您是宅男 / 宅女!
If you meet more than six of the above characteristics, congratulations! You're an Otaku!

如果您符合以上所有的關鍵詞,恭喜您,您是高級宅男 / 宅女!
If you meet all of the above characteristics, congratulations! You're a super Otaku!

I've 2, 4-7, 9-10 --> 7 characteristics!!!


  1. 8 out of 11... confirmed Otaku... from this point of view... from another point of view... nope :P

  2. From another point of view? Got another point of view one arrr? Enlighten me. :P

  3. Lol Danson, I think almost all single peeps out here are Otakus. But then, not all the time, I believe. :P