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Friday, November 16, 2012

Food, with love, from Terengganu

Food, particularly from Terengganu, never fails me.

Let me show you some of Terengganu's best delicacies from my previous blog posts.

Now, I have more food photos to share with you. :P

Glutinous rice balls with coconut shavings and fried fish

I really love the delicate balance of sweetness and saltiness of all the ingredients when they are mixed and eaten together. Heavenly!

Rojak Ayam

A wholesome snack of chopped fried chicken, hard-boiled egg, slices of cucumbers, beansprouts, mee hoon, and lots of sweetish peanut gravy.

Ah Tong Herbal Chicken Mee Hoon Soup

If I'm not mistaken, this stall has been around for the past 20 over years.

This is the dry version.

You have to queue up and wait for your turn to be served with this bowl of piping hot and delicious herbal chicken soup. 

And of course, my mother-in-law's not-to-be-missed Pork Belly Stew & Baked Whole Pumpkin!!!

Home-cooked food - always the best of them all!


  1. Ooooo...I certainly hope to hop over to Trengganu one day to try all that there is to offer...and I will self-invite myself to your in-laws' house...and your MIL will HAVE to cook that pumpkin dish for me. Hehehehehehe!!!!!

  2. Yum yum yum! This post sure made me hungry.

  3. When I first went to KT some 11 years ago, the herbal soup noodles stall was already one of the more popular stalls.

    1. I see. No wonder my husband recommended this stall. :D



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