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Featured Mommypreneurs

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DIY Busy Bag Ideas

DIY Busy Bag Ideas
DIY Busy Bag Ideas


I have launched a series of blog posts called Featured Mommypreneurs in collaboration with mommypreneurs (i.e. mommies entrepreneurs). Let me know if you're interested to join me to feature your products / services. :)

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2015 in brief


The good thing about blogging is that I can check back my blog posts to find out what I have done throughout the year when I can't seem to recall them from my failing memory bank. LOL.

  • The toddler, then 17 months, had his first encounter with the notorious stomach flu.
  • Put together a detailed guideline about how to cook grains for the little one: Part 1 and Part 2.





  • Another milestone achieved by my little one who turned a chatterbox at 21 months. Since then, he has been talking non-stop and never fail to amuse us. :)
  • If you want to buy things from iHerb, use my code: WLB090. See what I have bought on this post.
  • Achieved another milestone for my blog as I launched my series of featured mommypreneurs blog posts. It's like, finally. It took so long because I wanted to make it a special feature in June, my birthday month. There was a back story though, but let's just leave it behind.







Having said that, don't miss my recipes posts, published almost daily. Or you can follow me on Instagram and Facebook page for more instant updates about everything to do with recipes, motherhood, and toddlerhood.

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