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Activities for Preschoolers

Activities for Preschoolers
Activities for Preschoolers


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Donated my old clothes for Electrolux Washing-thon!

Have you heard of Malaysia's FIRST Outdoor Washing Marathon?

It's done by Electrolux and it's called Electrolux Washing-thon, happening from 1 to 4 November 2012 at Citta Mall, Ara Damansara, Petaling Jaya!

Their collection drive for used / useable clothes is going on from 17 till 30 October 2012 but you may also donate them on the spot from 1 till 4 November at Citta Mall.

My hubby and I cleared our wardrobes and we had quite a number of old clothes to be donated.

Taaaaadaaaaa! Two bags and one box of old clothes ready to be deposited at one of their designated drop-off points.

We went to Paramax at Bandar Puteri Puchong and deposited them into a dedicated "cage" outside the shop.

A kind deed done!

We don't need those clothes anymore but we believe our little act of kindness will benefit some people out there. 

Doing something meaningful like this is really rewarding.

You can do the same too!


 For more news and updates, visit their website at

You may also find them on Facebook ( and Twitter (@ElectroluxMY).

Here's their Facebook event: Washing-thon.

Go ahead and join us!

See you there! 


  1. Good for you! Double thumbs up to you and your hubby. I don't think they have this in this part of the country...

    1. Hi Uncle Arthur, I guess they might extend to East Malaysia if the response is good over here. :D