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FORK's RockCappella at PJ Live Arts, the Rock Concert with great Finnish!

Last Saturday night, after "securing" our Oktoberfest 2012 limited edition 1L Tiger mug at Malones @ Jaya One, the hubby surprised me with two tickets to FORK's RockCappella at PJ Live Arts! :D

So unusual, they create a new genre! 

More than a rock concert... this is a truly unique mix; up-to-the-fingernails-styled aesthetic and a visual musical experience. Or as VocalAustralia enthused when reviewing their sell-out concert at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, "their performance [is]... complete with brilliant comedic timing and choreography"! 

This is a capella re-invented, world class entertainment, groundbreaking sounds, comic talent and extravagant fashion! Extremely well-known in Finland (find a Finn, any Finn, and ask them!!), the quartet (plus Grégory Maisse, their behind-the-scenes, fearless French audio wizard) is famous for their magnificent shows which fearlessly combine the various forms of stage art; music, theater, dance and light show which captures a humorous, yet elegant show experience. The group also throws in a good dose of love and self irony – leaving it up to the audience to work out exactly where the line between love and irony lives, and who's laughing at whom…

The rock concert with great Finnish!

The four singers in FORK all embody the stage presence of Rock Gods complete with brilliant comedic timing and energetic choreography.
Vocal Australia

World class singing. Groundbreaking sounds. Comic talent.
Extravagant fashion. No instruments.

Don't miss it...
Edinburgh Fringe Review

Flawless vocals, this daft show is by turns hilarious and breathtaking!
3 Weeks


Who's FORK?

 FORK's four singers are Jonte Ramsten, Mia Hafrén, Kasper Ramström, and their newest member, Anna Asunta.

More info about the quartet here.

Also, here's an article from New Straits Times - Voice acrobatics with Fork. 

 FORK's rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody

Grab your tickets now!

12-28 October 2012
Monday to Sunday @ 8:30pm
RM85, RM105, RM125, RM145

PJ Live Arts (Jaya One)
For details, call 03-2276 1402 or visit
 For tickets, call 017-2289 849 (Box Office) or visit


Happy 4th monthiversary to us! :D

Nothing beats enjoying a really great performance with a loved one, especially when you knew the effort he has put in to surprise you. :)

By the way, this was my very first visit to PJ Live Arts. A very rewarding one indeed. :)

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