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Project: Reflect 52 #40 - Betapa Hatiku

I enjoyed singing this hymn when I attended a mass this weekend.

For those who couldn't understand Bahasa Malaysia, I have inserted the English translation below each line.

Betapa Hatiku
(Oh How My Heart)

Betapa hatiku
 (Oh how my heart)

Berterima kasih Yesus
(Thank You Jesus)

Kau mengasihiku
(You love me)
Kau memiliku.
(You own me)

Hanya ini Tuhan persembahanku
(This is what I have to offer to You)
Segenap hidupku, jiwa dan ragaku
(My whole life, heart and soul)
Sebab tak ku miliki harta kekayaan
(Because I don't have material possessions)
Yang cukup bererti 'tuk ku persembahkan.
(That are meaningful to be offered.)

Hanya ini Tuhan permohonanku
(This is what I ask dear Lord)
Terimalah Tuhan persembahanku
(Please accept my offerings)
Pakailah hidupku sebagai alat-Mu
(Use my life for Your gains)
Seumur hidupku.
(As long as I live.)

Isn't this a simple yet wonderful hymn?

Please practice what you preach and walk what you talk. Don't just talk and preach big phrases and principles when you can't even bring yourself to really care about others' welfare; not just asking them to attend church meetings without finding out the real reasons that hold them back.

Think about it, think really hard. If you say thinking is of the soul, then please pray with your spirit about it.


  1. I wish more people would practice what they preach! I think actions speak far louder than words.

    1. Hi Camille, I do agree that actions speak far louder than words.