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Entrée Café: My favorite eatery in Damansara Uptown

Replaced by Obanhmi.

Entrée Café is an Eetcafé, which means, unsurprisingly, Eat Café, and eat is exactly what we will do at Entrée Café. They believe in Brand Concept, which means, great food shared over meals with people we love.

Entrée Café serves Asian Fusion pork-free cuisine, a fusion of hearty meals ranging from refreshing appetizers, entrees and luscious desserts. 

Here are some tips:

  • 'Like' their Facebook page. You might get yourself a RM10 cash voucher, which is valid for one month from the date you get it. One of the owners, Mr. Simon asked me whether I have 'liked' their Facebook page. He passed me a voucher when I said I have done so. :)

  • Follow this tag to read about my gastro-escapades at Entrée. This café has become my favorite eatery in Damansara Uptown.

  • Learn more about their menu, offers, and promotions here.

  • This is NOT an advertorial. The owners, Simon and his wife Alexandra, and their super adorable baby girl Nicola don't know I'm writing this post; not until I put a link on their Facebook page. :)

So, here's a collection of wonderful meals I had at Entrée, ranging from the past two months to last night's dinner.

Note: Please excuse photo quality.

Fish and Chips with Tomato Lime Sambal and Salad

I request for no chips because I usually reduce my intake of fried stuff during dinner time. Mr. Simon is kind enough to replace the chips with stir-fried vegetables. Thank you!

The tomato lime sambal is really good!

Lemongrass Beef Burger with Fries and Salad

Homemade beef patty with lemongrass - a surprising combo that gives this burger a really unique taste and texture. Succulent, juicy, and fragrant - every bite oozes with goodness. A must-try alternative for burger eaters.

Chicken Curry with Fried Egg, Rice and Salad (top)
Seafood Clear Tom Yum Meehoon Soup (bottom)

Entrée's chicken curry looks different, it has a darker shade and tastes more like chicken rendang to me. Nonetheless, the entire combo with a fried egg tastes pretty good.

Clear tom yum soup tops my list for healthy dinner. Your tongue will be on fire and you might have a runny nose, but you will definitely enjoy the sizzling sensation as you finish the entire bowl of a$$-kicking soup.

Kampung Fried Rice with Long Beans, Chillies, Onions, served with Cracker

This is a good carbo-loading choice for me. I usually take half a plate of rice but whenever I order this fried rice, I will finish the entire plate, including the cracker. :)

Chicken Pongteh with Rice and Salad

Chicken pongteh is also chicken with potatoes. This is one of the usual choices for their daily set lunches' special; another one is buttermilk chicken.

Mini Chocolate Cupcakes

Alexandra told me that a friend of hers is making cupcakes as a hobby. These mini chocolates cupcakes are samples for Entrée's customers to taste. The cupcakes come with either cream cheese or chocolate toppings.


Alright, that's all for now. Just drive to Damansara Uptown and park somewhere nearby The Ship. Entrée Cafe is located at the other end of the block where you see The Ship.

Have fun!