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Be WOW-ed! by the New KOTEX® LUXE*

Pads, the most intimate, girls-only product, play a significant role in the monthly affairs in a girl's life, apart from premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and period pain, I bet most girls would agree. ;)

However, so far, the best we girls can get in the market are functional pads that come in boring packaging with uninteresting design. Well, what choice do we have unless somebody takes the initiative to do something different about it?

Having said that, I'm glad that Kotex has taken the lead to "revolt"! The revolution has begun...

You will be WOW-ed!

KOTEX® introduces the world's first and only pad that combines superior technology with stunning design -- the new KOTEX® Luxe* Ultrathin Design Pads. Now we have fashion AND function in feminine care -- a pretty cool and catchy urban concept.

I'm glad to be among the first in Malaysia to enjoy this breakthrough experience with the new KOTEX® LUXE*.

Kotex is not a foreign name among Malaysian girls. We grow up knowing what Kotex is when we sneaked into our mother's or elder sister's wardrobe for fun; we share about what brand we use among our gal pals; we debate among ourselves which brand is the best. So on, and so forth.

Being the market leader in feminine care in Malaysia for 58 years, Kotex definitely understands Malaysian ladies' needs and wants.
KOTEX® LUXE* -- the latest innovation from Kotex marks the beginning of a new era in feminine care. Now, pads are no longer just a form of protection but also one of self-expression.

Take a look at the new KOTEX® LUXE* Ultrathin Design Pads that comes in a range of six gorgeous designs influenced by contemporary fashion trends. Sweet! Which range do you fancy? The sweet 'girl-next-door' feel or the 'indie chic' look designs? The key selling point is self-expression. I have been WOW-ed! I love them all!

KOTEX® LUXE* Ultrathin Design Pads -- sweet 'girl-next-door' design.

KOTEX® LUXE* Ultrathin Design Pads -- funky 'indie-chic' design.

KOTEX® LUXE* Fusion Night Pads -- available in 32cm.Okay, gorgeous designs aside. What about functionality? KOTEX® LUXE* Ultrathin Pads are already synonymous with superior performance with its MicroMax® 2 Technology -- a super absorbent ultrathin core that provides maximum protection and its soft cottony cover. So, it's proven that the new KOTEX® LUXE* Ultrathin Pads are gorgeous and functional at the same time.

If you're fascinated, let me tell you something more...

The new KOTEX
® LUXE* Ultrathin Desgin Pads will retail from 1st November 2010 at all Guardian, Giant, Jusco, Tesco, and Watson outlets at RM4.90 for a pack of six (three designs). The newly upgraded KOTEX® LUXE* Fusion Day pads (23cm) and KOTEX® LUXE* Fusion Night pads (32cm) will retail at RM15.90 for packs of 20 and 14 respectively.

Note: The tin version of the new KOTEX® LUXE* Ultrathin Pads that comes with six pieces per tin is a limited version. Do get them while stocks last!

There's a WOW hardcover notebook and a mug in the exclusive preview kit too. Nice!

Discover Your WOW Personality

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