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Stay happy with your loved one :)

Original Article: 6 habits that keep couples happy

Figuring out how to stay passionate together is really a skill that anyone can learn. Here are six habits that you'd do well to adopt if you want your date to become your happily-ever-after mate.

Habit #1: Catch romance where you can 

- Successful couples learn to build a bubble of romance at unexpected times -- during their daily commute, while doing laundry -- and in low-impact ways, whether that be a long, lingering smooch or just holding hands.

Habit #2: Fight fair

- Learning to 'fight right' is an important part of keeping chemistry alive. 

- If there's an understanding that your partner can come to you with any dissension without being attacked, you will have an honest relationship comprised of 'open discussions' rather than 'fights.' 
- Never, ever saying 'I told you so' no matter how much you might want to say it. Never let arguments escalate to a personal level. Focus on the issue at hand instead of throwing verbal punches.

Habit #3: Nurture your separate selves

- Developing individual interests allows for a richer life as a couple. By taking little "couple breaks," you gain a greater appreciation of the gifts your partner brings to your life and you have more to offer as well. 

- It's very attractive to be independent sometimes. You feel better about yourself and you're less demanding of your partner when you're together. 
- Taking some personal responsibility for your own well-being relieves the other person of the pressure to "provide" happiness. That will also keep each of you stocked with plenty of adventures to chat about, which also builds your bond.

Habit #4: Take on a project together

- Separate interests aside, exploring new ground together is also important since it strengthens your history of shared experiences. 

- Couples who take on adventures together get a sense of daring and accomplishment that can really kick up their chemistry!

Habit #5: Don't let your physical attraction for each other dwindle

- The whole "couples' desire for each other naturally fades over time" excuse is not true. 

- The trick to injecting more electricity into a lagging love life has to do with trying new things -- even returning to the basics you may have abandoned along the way -- lots of kissing and eye contact -- can make the usual encounter feel very different... and much more intimate.

Habit #6: Engage in some mutual admiration

- In order for chemistry between two people to thrive, there needs to be mutual respect. 

- Pay attention to the everyday things that remind you why you find them so special. Then, make it a point to lob compliments their way.
- A good exercise is to occasionally create a mental list of the qualities you dig about your partner, and to occasionally share one of your thoughts with the one you love. 
- The reality is, you'll always want to be around someone who thinks you're fantastic.

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