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Save Social Energy (2) -- Windows Live Movie Maker 2011

In my previous post: Save Social Energy (1) -- A Self Analysis, you can take a short test to find out whether your social life is full of clutter and chaos or whether you're making the best out of your social life. At the end of the post, I also mentioned about the existence of solutions for those who wish to manage their social life.

During the first discussion about saving social energy with fellow friends from my social networking circle, we were introduced to Microsoft's Windows Essentials 2011 that comes with Messenger, Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, Mail, and some other cool applications. I've downloaded this pack and installed the four major apps listed above in my laptop.

In this post, I'd like to share with you my first experience with Windows Live Movie Maker 2011 and how easy and convenient it is to post my amateur video to YouTube. :)

Don't worry, I'm not gonna bore you with details of how to make a video with Windows Live Movie Maker 2011. It's very user-friendly and easy to learn. Even first-timers like me are able to "produce" an amateur video in less than one hour, including making some mistakes here and there. :)

The feature that I like best about Windows Live Movie Maker 2011 is that we can share our movies on social sites such as YouTube, Facebook, and Windows Live SkyDrive. How convenient!

After going through the steps of making and saving my video (highlighted in yellow boxes), I click on the YouTube button (highlighted in a red box).

I'm prompted to sign in to my Windows Live account.

Then, I'm prompted to sign in to my YouTube account.

After I signed in to my YouTube account, I'd need to fill up a description box about my video. Once done, the saving mode is triggered, followed by publishing. I just need to wait for the process to end.

Note: The time span of saving and publishing varies d
epending on your video's file size.

Done! Yay!

Wanna watch my first amateur video produced with Windows Live Movie Maker 2011? :P

Note: I hope YouTube won't mute the audio file that I used in this video so soon. Oh well, as a first-timer, I made this mistake of putting the whole song and published it to YouTube. :S

Visit Windows Live Essentials 2011 for download.

By the way, do visit or for more information about saving social energy.


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