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Windows Phone 7 -- The Phone That Saves Us

HTC HD7 Homescreen
(Photo Source: Windows Phone 7 Malaysia Press Release Kit)

"It's time for a phone to save us from our phones."

That is the elegant and catchy tagline from Microsoft's global advertisement for Windows Phone 7.

With the arrival of Windows Phone 7, the message to mobile device users is significantly different. According to Microsoft Malaysia Managing Director Ananth Lazarus, "With Windows Phone 7, Microsoft and our partners are delivering a different kind of mobile phone and experience -- one that makes everyday tasks faster by doing more in fewer steps and providing timely information in a 'glance and go' format."

Personally, I love these simple yet catchy and timely taglines that convey their message straight to the point:
"Less stop & stare. More glance & go."
"Less doing. More done."
"Less out-of-touch. More in-the-know."
"Less missed it. More got it."

Thumbs up to Windows Phone 7 for employing the user-centric
approach! Designed primarily to bring together what users care about most, Windows Phone 7 does more in fewer steps, offering a glance-and-go experience which enable users to get everything they love, easier and faster. Our life is no more limited by our mobile phone. We can focus on actual connections even while we are on the go.

Fueling New Digital Lifestyle Experiences

HTC 7 Mozart Homescreen
(Photo Source: Windows Phone 7 Malaysia Press Release Kit)

All Windows Phone 7 phones will include the high-performance Snapdragon processor from Qualcomm, and is the only phone with Live Tiles so you can quickly see everything you care about on your Start screen.

Depending on the app, Start's animated Live Tiles might
show pending messages and appointments, news and weather, or game and friend status -- all refreshed wirelessly via the web. It is also customizable according to your needs: pin people, apps, playlists, pictures, and other favorites so they are always at your fingertips.

Integrated User-centric Experience Through Hubs

Windows Phone 7 has been carefully crafted to help people get more done in fewer steps with a unique Hub and Tile interface. The Windows Phone 7 Hubs offer quick and easy access to a person's latest and most valuable information and include People, Pictu
res, Games, Music & Video, Office, and Marketplace content.

Office Hub

Photo Source

Windows Phone 7 is the only phone with Office Mobile.
Office Hub brings together Microsoft's Office suite comprising Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, allowing you to create and edit documents and share them via email on the go.

With Notes in OneNote Mobile, you can
reduce the hassle of having to double save documents -- grocery lists, meeting memos, spontaneous musings -- as information created and edited on Windows Phone 7 will be synchronized directly with the file saved on your office server.

Outlook Mobile, you can quickly cut through the clutter to see only unread, urgent or flagged messages, or press Search to pinpoint a specific mail. Move or delete messages in bulk, and respond to meeting invites right from your inbox.

People Hub

Photo Source

People Hub is the social central to stay connected and in the loop. You can skim Facebook and Windows Live feeds and photos; call, text or post to your friends. The Me Card -- another innovation -- makes it easy to update your status or change your profile pictu
re across multiple social networking sites, right from your phone.

Pictures Hub

Photo Source

Pictures Hub houses your entire collection, including photos you have saved to your phone, and pictures your friends have recently posted on Facebook or Windows Live. Now sharing pictures is as easy as taking them; you can press the camera button to snap photos, even when your phone is locked. Then send your favorites to friends, or post them to Facebook or Windows Live, all from one place.


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  1. seriously waiting for HTC HD7 - love the WP7.

  2. Yep, HTC HD7 is exclusively available with Maxis starting November 2010.