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What I've Done in 2010 & What I'll Do in 2011

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In 2010:
Love Found Us

About A Special Someone
13 Points You Wanna Know About Me 

In 2011: Continue what we've begun and going on strong. :)

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In 2010:
Mini Travelogue

- January: Sepang International Circuit
- February: Pantai Cherating
- April: Malacca
- May: Kuala Terengganu & Pulau Kapas
- September: Holiday in Malacca with David's family & relatives
- October: Sungkai Hot Springs & attended two friends' wedding dinners in Malacca
- December: Christmas in Seremban with David's family & relatives

In 2011: Holidaying in Terengganu (again ^_^V), East Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam with David. :)

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In 2010:
Fandom Random

Major: Our Star Wars Astromech Droid Collection
Minor: Beary Fishy from Dooodolls

In 2011: Buy more astromech droids to grow our collection. Nothing much on Beary Fishy though.

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In 2010:
Photojournalist Wannabe

My Journey of "A Photo A Day" for 365 Days in 2010 here or here.

I would say, Project 365 is a successful self-enhancement "program" that lets me discover how far I can stretch myself to persevere. The chronicle of interesting happenings in my daily life for 365 days is created by immortalizing memorable moments on photos. Then, by adding captions to these photos, what I have is a digital diary.

2010 is the year I met David. So, Project 365 for 2010 is meaningful to me. It's really lovely. :)

In 2011: Continue with Project 365 for 2011. Will need to decide which platform to use.

In 2010: WUQkie Baby

My purple Proton Saga for at least 6 years.

In 2011: Get WUQkie tinted perhaps?

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In 2010: Career Groove
I'm still working with the same company.

In 2011: Grow my portfolio & skill sets. Digital/Online marketing sounds cool.

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In 2010:
Me & My Online Space

I've gotten my blog's own domain and created a Facebook page for my blog:

Here's the list of the rest of my online stuff:

Very active: Twitter | Facebook | Foursquare | Posterous
Active: Tumblr | Twitpic | LinkedIn | The Joyce Rachel Lee Daily

In 2011: Start an online blogshop. Business module is still in discussion with him.

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In 2010:
Writing for Brands

1. What's Windows 7 Malaysia?
2. Windows 7 Malaysia | Blogs & Ultimate Re-Tweet Contest
3. Windows 7 Malaysia Movement :: Get Engaged via Contests
4. Windows 7 Merdeka Day Themes by Reggie Lee
5. Windows 7, Malaysia & Me Design Contest for Students
6. Experiencing Windows 7's desktop shuffling
7. Exploring Windows® Internet Explorer 9 Beta
8. Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 -- Compatible, Familiar, Professional
9. Save Social Energy (1) -- A Self Analysis 

10. Save Social Energy (2) -- Windows Live Movie Maker 2011
11. Save Social Energy (3) -- Windows Live Messenger 2011
12. Save Social Energy (4) -- Microsoft Windows Live Survey 

13. Windows Phone 7 -- The Phone That Saves Us
14. Our Savior -- The Windows Phone 7 -- HTC 7 Mozart & HTC HD7
15. Word It and Win a HTC Touch Diamond2 Contest
16. Windows Phone 7: Make It Mine Contest
17. Help Save Social Energy & Score An LG Optimus Contest 

18. Be WOW-ed! by the New KOTEX® LUXE*
19. Discover Your WOW Personality

In 2011: Since the nature of my blog is not niche, I'll just write niche articles/reviews if I receive request to do so.

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1n 2010:

I've picked up reading again. Here's the list of books that I've read. My favorite bookstores are BookXcess and Bookalicious.

In 2011: Continue to buy and read more books. Ah... and buy new bookshelves.

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In 2010:
Movie Manic

Here's the whole list: My 2010 Movie List.

In 2011: Continue to watch more movies. What else? :P


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